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characters Ü Untouched Mistress á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ë Guy Tregellas Viscount Varington has a rakish reputation and when he discovers a beautiful woman washed up on a beach he is than intrigued He doesn't believe her claims that she is a respectable widow and is determined to seduce the truth out of herHelena MHe past five years she has lived a shameful life not of her choosing But she needs the help of her disturbingly handsome rescuer as danger catches up with th. I really enjoyed this action packed story; it had everything a really wicked villain a beautiful heroine an alpha male hero a near drowning a coach crash; it had some real nail biting momentsI was on the edge of my seat until almost the last page When looking for another action packed Regency romance I'll look to this author again

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Her claims that she is a respectable widow and is determined to seduce the truth out of herHelena McGregor must escape Scotland to anonymity in London For t. The kind of story I enjoy fast paced with plenty going on A good action packed story bordering on the gothic with a really nasty villain The alpha hero is a little arrogant and flirtatious but you love him anyway The heroine although at first secretive has honourable reasons for holding back I always feel that Mills and Boon historical novels have the most unimaginative titles and tend to ignore them when choosing what to read but the title of this book does have interesting reasoning behind it A good read highly recommended

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Untouched MistressGuy Tregellas Viscount Varington has a rakish reputation and when he discovers a beautiful woman washed up on a beach he is than intrigued He doesn't believe. Guy Tregellas Viscount Varington is visiting a friend in Scotland when he finds Helena McGregor on the beach She has been the unwilling mistress of sir Stephen Tayburn for five years she is now 27 The boat she was fleeing in capsized and she was washed up on the beachShe wakes up a couple of days later and the first thing she tries to do is to run The H stops her And is intrigued by her She says she is a widow named Mary which he doesn't believe since she said her name was Helen when he found her She wants to leave for London as soon as possible and the H persuades her to go with him since he is going home to London anyway On the way there is an accident with the couch and that is a sort of instigator to the h telling the H the truth she was forced by Tayburn to become his mistress for five years to save her father The H’s solution is for her to become his mistress and that way gain protectionShe is draw to him and has never felt like this before But she also feels that she will always be a whore if she agrees The H tells her that he can protect her family from Tayburn eventually she agrees Guy doesn't blackmail her or tries to coerce her He is really sincere about helping her and her fatherBy this point half the book has gone by Strangely even though nothing really happened it never got boring They go back to Scotland to her father But finds the house burnt down and her little sister gone Taken by the villeinSince he is on his way to London in pursuit of the two MCs the H decides to rescue the sister from the villeins layerDuring this time the H hasn't tried to get the h into bed He’s waiting for her to be ready “He wanted to make love to her to heal all the hurts that Tayburn had dealt her but he did not know the depth of Helena’s wounds She had been forced to Tayburn’s bed against her will and he’d be damned if he’d do anything similar Despite his glib words to Weir Guy knew that he would not attempt a seduction of any kind He desired her with a force that gnawed at him night and day but seduction smacked of bending her to his will albeit in a sophisticated fashion than the brutality Tayburn had used and he could not do that to Helena not after everything that she had endured” The H goes to the villein's home which is a castle on an island And now the book almost turns in to a gothic novel Tayburn ha discover that the MCs hasn't gone to London and returns to his gothic castle just when the H is rescuing the sister The h has discovered this and also goes to the island A lot of confrontations and gothic scenes later and the villein is deadDeklarations of love Marriage proposals Sexy times and HEAThe plot wasn't complicated so it felt like an easy read Even if the h’s life hasn't been easy the book didn’t come of as dark you didn't get to know what the villein did to her just that it was a horrid experience I for one wouldn't’ have minded some info of her life with him I mean five years is a long timeEven though this wasn’t a sexy book you could feel the sexual tension between the characters especially at the beginning when the H is trying to figure out the h It was all in the conversation I think I would have liked the H to remain alpha through the book but he got demoted to beta hero at the half way point He was a sweet H