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Download Do the KIND Thing Book Æ 304 pages º Daniel lubetzky È NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERFor the socially conscious reader of Blake Mycoskie’s Start Something That Matters Tony Hsieh’s Delivering Happiness and Howard Schultz’s Onward comes an inspiring handbook for success in business life and the alAnsparency and communication in the workplace and explains why good intentions alone won’t sell products   Engaging and inspirational Do the KIND Thing shows how the power of AND worked wonders for one company and could empower the next generation of social entrepreneurs to improve their bottom line and change the worldAdvance praise for Do the KIND Thing   “An enjoyable read wise advice about matters from product development to people management” Financial Times“By sharing the ten tenets that helped KIND grow Daniel Lubetzky has given entrepreneurs a road map to success that includes both passion and purpose” Arianna Huffington president and editor in chief Huffington Post Media Group   “Lubetzky uses the power of kindness to build purpose into his business and his community He’s a role model for future leaders” Mehmet Oz MD professor of surgery Columbia University   “I’ve always been a fan of the KIND brand This engaging and inspirational book shows how coupling a social mission with creativity can spark change and empower a generation” Bobbi Brown founder and CCO Bobbi Brown Cosmetic Great fruit and nut bars the best really great company philosophymission mildly interesting book

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Who survived the Holocaust thanks to the courageous kindness of strangers Lubetzky began his career handselling a sun dried tomato spread made collaboratively by Arabs and Jews in the war torn Middle East Despite early setbacks he never lost his faith in his vision of a “not only for profit” business one that sold great products and helped to make the world a better place   While other companies let circumstances force them into choosing between two seemingly incompatible options people at KIND say “AND” At its core this idea is about challenging assumptions and false compromises It is about not settling for less and being willing to take greater risks often financial It is about learning to think boundlessly and critically and choosing what at first may be the tougher path for later greater rewards By using illuminating anecdotes from his own career and celebrating some past failures through the lessons learned from them Lubetzky outlines his core tenets for building a successful business and a thriving social enterprise He explores the value of staying true to your brand highlights the importance of tr This is a fantastic book that explores building a successful business that is intertwined with your personal values I would describe it as part business book and part auto biography that shows Daniel’s interesting learnings in life and in business Daniel is the CEO and founder of KIND a food brand which make healthy nutritious and convenient snacks His father and mother survived the holocaust by various acts of kindness during WW2 including a Nazi soldier risking his life to give Daniel’s father a rotten potato when he needed food most Daniel and his various businesses revolve around that acts of kindness even the smallest ones can change the world This book has cemented the idea in me that it is not necessary to give up your personal values and goals in order to build a successful business

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Do the KIND Thing NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERFor the socially conscious reader of Blake Mycoskie’s Start Something That Matters Tony Hsieh’s Delivering Happiness and Howard Schultz’s Onward comes an inspiring handbook for success in business life and the all important task of building a compassionate world by the visionary CEO of KIND Healthy Snacks  When Daniel Lubetzky started KIND Healthy Snacks in 2004 he aimed to defy the conventional wisdom that snack bars could never be both tasty and healthy convenient and wholesome A decade later the transformative power of the company’s “AND” philosophy has resulted in an astonishing record of achievement KIND has become the fastest growing purveyor of healthy snacks in the country Meanwhile the KIND Movement the company’s social mission to make the world a little kinder has sparked than a million good deeds worldwide   In Do the KIND Thing Lubetzky shares the revolutionary principles that have shaped KIND’s business model and led to its success while offering an unfiltered and intensely personal look into the mind of a pioneering social entrepreneur Inspired by his father After spending almost 20 years refining and building his business practices KIND Healthy Snacks CEO Daniel Lubetzky shares his philosophy for those practices and his life in his brand new book Do the KIND Thing Think Boundlessly Work Purposefully Live Passionately Lubetzky uses the book to recount the history of KIND as well as his life story what prompted him to start KIND as well as his personal commitment to peace in conflict ridden areasLubetzky offers readers several interesting tidbits about his past his parents lived through the Holocaust and he learned from them the significance of kindness Coupled with the entrepreneurial spirit that developed at a young age Lubetzsky made a conscientious decision to emphasize kindness in all he did and couple that with business success He refused early on to believe that he had to choose between the two; instead he decided he would achieve bothHis life story emphasizes the necessity of hard work and perseverance In 1994 Lubetzky lived in a miniscule apartment in New York City trying to sell products for his company PeaceWorks Lubetzky had developed PeaceWorks on the tenet of what he calls the AND principle the idea that an organization can make a positive social change while turning a profit by offering the market something newBecause of his lack of experience in business practices however PeaceWorks floundered in its early days Lubetzky’s intentions brought Arabs and Israelis together to create Dead Sea products for sale; his inexperience prevented him from effectively marketing and selling the products But Lubetzky didn’t let the setbacks discourage him He continued to develop PeaceWorks and eventually create the KIND snack lineEntrepreneurs may find Lubetzky’s book a source of inspiration albeit a somewhat confusing one to follow Following a coil like pattern Lubetzky moves from his personal experiences to his philosophies then to his business practices and back again This format may make readers forget information from one track while Lubetzky follows a different one Also his impassioned words emphasize his philosophies on every page As a result readers may find the book well intentioned but also a little heavy handed In the end however readers will take away one main idea Daniel Lubetzky harbors a deep commitment to making the world a better place By using KIND as a platform he intends to bring his ideas to fruition Regardless of the minor flaws in the book readers will appreciate Lubetkzy’s thoughts and will feel inspired to perform their own acts of kindnessI recommend readers Borrow Do the KIND Thing