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reader Á doc What She Saw ´ 9780062568984 Free ´ Sex scandal politics and a cast of characters you just can't trust all delivered with a thoroughly modern sensibility SARAH PINBOROUGH author of Behind Her EyesThe storied Hotel Chevalier on Paris’s ritzy Right Bank hosts celebrities dignitaries and—for one night—Lana Ing looking older man Unable to erase the image of the girl in danger from her mind Lana alerts the police plunging herself into a firestorm of intrigue and becoming a targetAlone in the city not knowing who has her best interests at heart Lana will need to use every ounce of strength and guile as she races to discover the relationship between the truth and what she sa What She Saw is a fun thrill ride through the streets of Paris taking place over a span of about thirty two hours as an American woman on the run tries to escape from people who want something she has Lana is bipolar and has come to Paris on a whim she's in a manic phase and while staying at the ritzy Hotel Chevalier she sees something she's not supposed to Taking a ride up a private elevator she becomes a witness to something and soon finds herself on the run in Paris with no friends to turn toI wasn't sure if I was going to like this at first I wasn't crazy about Lana and the writing style didn't work for me at first However I soon got caught up in the story this is a book where I needed to stick with it for a few chapters and I soon came to like Lana and admire her determination and resourcefulness Hampered as she is by her reckless behavior she is canny and at times uite fearless and I admired her snarkiness even when faced with overwhelming odds This felt like a movie at times with the Parisian locations and even a car chase Lana is soon befriended by people who say they want to help her but can she trust them or are they just after the same information she hasThere are a few twists and a betrayal or two and I loved how Paris was such an integral part of the story Lana has been there before and to make matters worse she had an affair in the city We are left to wonder and Lana wonders herself if her affair with Nathan and the way it ended had something to do with her decision to visit Paris again And sure enough Nathan becomes part of the story but can he help her And will he after the way she broke off the affairAnother thing I liked was the way Lana grew throughout the story She came to Paris without telling Brian skips her meds and basically acts very irresponsibly recklessly which is largely why I didn't like her at first She grew on me though and that's a testament to the writing And she's tough surprising not only herself but her pursuers I loved a scene about halfway through where she's in a crowded market and realizes she's cornered what she does to escape was a lot of funLana surprised me a few times with how ballsy she was given the forces arrayed against her The story is told from her POV and also that of Ferdinand a chauffeur who works for the people who are after her and while his POV didn't wow me at first it soon became an excellent counterpoint to what Lana was seeing the two storylines were intertwined very well Once this story got going it took off and I had lots of fun speeding through the streets of Paris with Lana I'm glad I stuck with it this is a good one

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Sex scandal politics and a cast of characters you just can't trust all delivered with a thoroughly modern sensibility SARAH PINBOROUGH author of Behind Her EyesThe storied Hotel Chevalier on Paris’s ritzy Right Bank hosts celebrities dignitaries and for one night Lana Gibson an American woman who’s escaped the monotony of her staid married life for a cultural jaunt I received this book for free through Goodreads' First Reads This book gets bad reviews but I liked it a lot Some people say that the characters are not likable but honestly I've read way worse Lana was not that bad and I understood why she acted the way she did I also loved the setting and thought it was utilized well It makes me want to go to Paris Overall I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a thriller set in a foreign country

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What She SawTo the City of Light As long as she takes her meds she promises herself her heightened curiosity and manic elation will stay under controlBut when that curiosity leads her to the hotel’s private elevator which serves only the ultra elite penthouse Suite Imperial she spies much than plush carpets and gilt chandeliers a young woman caught in the clutches of a threaten What She Saw by Gerard Stembridge is a so so novel that follows a woman through 24 hours in ParisLana Gibson has decided to travel to Paris to see the Edward Hopper retrospective She stays at the expensive Hotel Le Chevalier located on the Right Bank and assures her unknowing husband after the fact that she will be fine and take her meds to control her manic phases She does see the Hopper exhibition but she also becomes increasingly obsessed with seeing who is using the private elevator to the exclusive penthouse suite on the top floor As happenstance and curiosity collide she actually gets on the elevator when the door is open and is whisked to the top floor When the door opens she sees uickly observes that an orgy is taking place but she also witnesses a young woman trying to escape from a naked older man She uickly snaps a few pictures with her cell phone before the elevator doors close againIt turns out that the older man is Jean Luc Fournier an important French politician Lana is already on the radar of his security detail who have noticed her interest in the private elevator Now she is on the run from the security men and needs to figure out what exactly is going on and who she can trust before her time runs out The narrative follows Lana's perspective and that of a chauffeur for Fournier Ferdinand Ferdie Ferdie has his own stakes in the outcomeI really wanted to like her simply due to her desire to travel to see the Hopper retrospective but Lana is a hard character to relate to or find any empathy for She is also not a very well developed character Mainly you learn she doesn't seem to really even like her husband she's on meds apparently for bipolar disorder and she's way too weirdly curious about the penthouse elevator door This makes it a challenge to feel invested in what happens to her especially when she's repeatedly and consistently making some rather stupid actions and decisionsThe writing is good but the 24 hour format seemed to just drag out the action and didn't work for me Those who love novels set in Paris and Francophiles will likely appreciate the setting I had a difficult time immersing myself in this novel probably due to my increasing annoyance with LanaDisclosure My review copy was courtesy of HarperCollinshttpwwwshetreadssoftlycom20170