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Tes an emotional bond that should include feelings of trust acceptance caring and mutuality Your intimate relationship is the glue that binds your marriage together Yet advice about the sexual experience that was once passed from parent to child is no longer and as a result many couples are left to face this critical area of their lives with little guidance or information This instructive an. Reviewed as part of LibraryThing Early Reviewer ProgramThe Newlywed's Guide to Physical Intimacy is the first book of its kind a straightforward and sensible guide to sex and physical intimacy for the Orthodox Jewish community While knowledge of sex has been traditionally passed down from parent to child the authors found a real need for a book that would give accurate information in a manner sensitive to the cultural values of the intended audienceThis book is aimed at the engaged or newly married; the expectation for readers of this book is that all sexual contact is between heterosexual husband and wife observing halachic law The authors are well ualified to write this book both are knowledgeable in the particular needs and customs in this community Both authors hold doctoral degrees Rosenfeld has been a sex educator for Orthodox women for several years and has conducted academic research in sexual ethics Ribner is a social worker and licensed sex therapist working in Jerusalem Despite the academic backgrounds of the authors the book reads in an approachable and friendly way but with sensitivity to the import of the issues discussed to the reader Topics covered include basic anatomy and physiology related to sex preparing for the first physical encounters traditional couples will not have physically touched at all before marriage alternate forms of intimacy considerations related to halachic purity laws and what to do in case of problems particularly when to consult a sex therapist or doctor There is a list of recommended books and online retailers at the end of the bookFor readers fitting the intended audience it is highly recommended to own a copy of this book Others who are interested in learning about Orthodox Jewish sexual ethics will find this helpful

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The Newlyweds Guide to Physical IntimacyD easy to read guide can help you navigate this new and uncharted area of your lives For chassan groom and kallah bride as well as for teachers rabbis and anyone with uestions about sexuality coming from the Torah observant community It is user friendly with clear and descriptive language and the information and guidance found in this book is not available anywhere else in the religious worl. This book has a specific audience in mind orthodox Jews who strictly observe laws of not having physical contact with the other sex except for with immediate family members until their wedding night Many of these people also do not watch movies have tv's or internet or look at secular magazines of any sort In today's modern society you don't live in a small thin walled house that you will see or hear anyone else doing it and they don't see animals get it on either So that wedding night can be traumatic Many within this demographic don't need this book because they have been taught something For those that need the help this book bends over backwards to present the needed information in a clear but respectful formatFor most anyone else in society there is plenty that said here that still is worthwhile for you to read messages about communication understanding your partner problems that can come up and the strong message to be patient recognize that sex is a skill to learn over time and get help if you need it Highly recommended for everyone you will find messages that resonate

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The Newlyweds Guide to Physical Intimacy Summary è 108 Þ As a young couple about to embark on one of life s most important journeys may you have only joy and success An important part of this journey is developing physical intimacy the uniue pleasure of the sexual experience Your enjoyment as sexual partners is than just physiAs a young couple about to embark on one of life s most important journeys may you have only joy and success An important part of this journey is developing physical intimacy the uniue pleasure of the sexual experience Your enjoyment as sexual partners is than just physical; you can feel closeness with another person that no other experience can provide Your sharing of physical intimacy crea. As the only reviewer that appears to actually be a newlywed 3 months I think it's notable that the others reviewed it significantly lower than I did As someone who has had long term sexual relationships in the past you can sometimes forget or rationalize or view with rose colored glasses that initial sexual learning periodLiving in a modern orthodox community that is one of the intended audience for this book I see how DESPERATELY it is needed It is clear does not use euphemisms and is incredibly down to brass tacks practical Right down to the various types of lubricant and a warning not to use too much or add later This kind of knowledge is golden for its audience I didn't expect to learn much as I was an informal relationship counselor on my college campus but there were tips I'd never heard Additionally I saw it from a new perspective as a newlywed who had not been sexually active for several years I am especially glad how strongly the authors repeated that your own comfort is the essential ingredient and that without your own comfort it's not going to work well physically My only disappointment was the answer to a female's uestion about her husband refusing to do than one position after a year of marriage Respecting his comfort level is probably not the correct answer in that case He is certainly not feeling comfortable but it's probably a serious issue that should be confronted As a minor point it was kind of weird how it changed back and forth from male to female perspective from one sentence to the next I understand why and appreciate it but it was a little hard to keep up which perspective was speaking sometimesI wish the Kindle edition made it obvious that the diagrams actually are included; they're not in the table of contents or where I expected them to be They are at the end of the parting words section