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Read War Crimes ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ì Alliance and Horde forces have stripped Garrosh Hellscream one of the most reviled figures on Azeroth of his title as warchief His thirst for conuest devastated cities nearly tore the Horde apart and destroyed countless lives throughout theWORLD OF WARCRAFT® Now on the legendary continenAlliance and Horde forces have stripped Garrosh Hellscream one of the most reviled figures on Azeroth of his title as warchief His thirst for conuest devastated cities nearly tore the Horde apart and destroyed countless lives throughout theWORLD OF WARCRAFT® Now on the legendary continent of Pandaria. War Crimes  is the thirteenth book in the World of Warcraft novel franchise transitioning us from the Mists of Pandaria expansion to Warlords of Draenor Lore wise this takes place after the the Siege of Orgrimmar after the Alliance Horde and Pandaren have united to defeat Garrosh after he has poisoned the Vale of Eternal Blossoms a place that was not even open to the world until recently Before and After Vale of Eternal Blossoms Credit Tenton HammerAnd this is why the Horde can't have nice thingsWarning Spoilers aheadIt's a bit awkward reviewing a novel for a game franchise particularly since it can be hard to tell where Golden's influence ends and where the story developers' begins in terms of allotting credit good or bad to story decisions For the purposes of this review I will just refer to Christie Golden as the author responsible for the story decisions in the novel Garrosh's Defense The Job That No One Wants

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He will stand trial for his transgressions Renowned leaders from across the world have gathered to witness this historic event As the trial unfolds agents of the bronze dragonflight present shocking visions of Garrosh's atrocities For many of those in attendance these glimpses into history force them. As a world of warcraft nerd this is probably the best warcraft novel I've read I haven't read that many but still It gives face time to all of the racial leaders apart from Blood Elves who were notable absent I mean the guy had a single line but then literally never got mentioned again Very odd for one of the most highly played races but oh wellIf you're not into warcraft there's no real reason to read this book and if you know absolutely nothing of warcraft then I imagine this would be highly confusing

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War CrimesTo relive painful memories and even uestion their own innocence or guilt For others the chilling details stoke the flames of their hatred Unbeknownst to anyone shadowy forces are at work on Azeroth threatening not only the court's ability to mete out justice but also the lives of everyone at the tria. This is a World of Warcraft courtroom drama It's played entirely serious Now either this is awesome and hilarious at once or it's suspension of disbelief breaking I lean toward the former than the latter Does it make sense that Baine Bloodhoof and Tyrande Whisperwind have either the training or formal speech patterns of a trial lawyer No Does it make sense that Azeroth has any of the legal traditions of a modern Western trial I dunno does it make sense Gnomes can build rocket trains No but we love them anyway Lastly is it fun Yes very much so Which is bizarre because this is about an unrepentant war criminal High fantasy things like keeping the Red Dragon Aspect Alexstrasza as a slave to breed mounts mana bombing Thera and blowing up dissident orcs are treated with all the gravity of their euivalents in real life War Crimes isn't a parody being a straight example of the genre but it might ualify as satire Fictional characters in an absurd but awesome fantasy world taking conduct in war seriously than Earthlings today seem to be doing The premise is Garrosh Hellscream much disliked leader of the Horde has been captured by Thrall I will never call him Go'el and Varian Wrynn This is of course references events which happened in game I always feel kind of bad for the player characters involved in these sorts of in universe climatic battles because they almost never get even referenced You'd think they'd get a mention now and then like The Heroes of Azeroth assisted them or something Oh well Garrosh committed many crimes during his tenure of Warchief from elevating the orcs above the other races destroying island nation of Thera and worse Both sides want him executed but Varian believed that having tried and found guilty would have a greater effect They thus turn to the Celestials of Pandaria to serve as neutral judges This is an astoundingly bad idea as Sylvanas points out since all loving gods are unlikely to deliver a verdict motivated by political expediency This book is almost devoid of action and instead focuses on characterization We get Jaina dealing with her continuing PTSD albeit a violent form than in real life Anduin trying to understand the monstrous activities of Garrosh so he can offer him solace as a priest and Vereesa Windrunner's simmering desire for revenge against her husband's killer We also have a nice little bit of characterization from Sylvanas who has been see sawing between good and evil for awhile now I especially liked the take of the book on her which is that Sylvanas is kinda sorta evil but really mostly insane now Some might see it as a cop out that Sylvanas is mentally ill but I think Christie Golden does an excellent job of illustrating just how twisted her thinking has become I won't spoil the ending but her redemption seems further away than ever How does redeem someone who has come to the conclusion it is better to be a monster Even if the transformation is against your will I think that's an appropriate uestion to ask as part of what makes Sylvanas so interesting is she's not just misunderstood but filled with spite and hatred from her eyes down to her toes Whether she can recover from her current state or not is anyone's guess but I'd love to see a Windrunner novel from the author I'm kind of iffy on some of the characterization Jaina Proudmoore's sudden turn toward warmonger never uite sat right with me because while the destruction of your homeland would set ANYONE on a roaring rampage of revenge the fact is that she's survived it twice before Jaina was neck deep in the zombie genocide of Lordaeron and the destruction of Dalaran in Warcraft III Reign of Chaos Jaina Proudmoore was never naive but a hardened piece of steel willing to do anything for peace She's closer to Princess Leia meets Rick Grimes than the character presented here I think Then again clearly people should be listening to my fanboy interpretations over the who has helped develop this character better than anyone Hehe Still mostly this book does very well in establishing why the Horde and the Alliance has such problems reconciling Thrall stands by his decision to appoint Garrosh as Warchief because he's showing he accepts responsibility for his choices He has a very Orcish attitude that you don't wring your hands about the past but move forward To the Alliance in the audience however he may come off as self justifying Cultural differences are a serious hurdle for both sides to overcome Garrosh himself may feel all manner of horrible feelings about his actions but he is so much of a proud warrior to ever admit it He'd rather go down in history as a hated villain than a broken man I regret this book never got into the head of Garrosh Hellscream I would have been glad to have a point of view which finally gave us just what the hell he was thinking half the time I suppose that would defeat the purpose of the book however which is to analyze how a monster's actions may be interpreted by others Still I hope we get a resolution in book form This is too complicated a character to be resolved with a simple raid boss fight In conclusion I recommend War Crimes If you can get over the somewhat surreal use of kings ueens and warlords as lawyers in a Hague style situation then it has a lot to go for it Others may find Jaina Proudmoore's characterization or others to be grating I trust Christie Golden however and am looking forward to the seuel85