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Conclave doc Ú Download Õ Robert Harris Ý The Pope is deadBehind the locked doors of the Sistine Chapel one hundred and eighteen cardinals from all over the globe will cast their votes in the world’s most secretive electionThey are holy men But they have ambition And they have rivalsOver the next seventy two hours one of thThey have rivalsOver the next seventy two hours one of them will become the most powerful spiritual figure on eart 44★ Holy smoke was this a good oneThe blurb tells you what you need to know I had never read or heard of this author but most definitely will be checking out his other booksIt was compelling fascinating intelligent and that ending Did not see that coming Most enjoyable Next

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Globe will cast their votes in the world’s most secretive electionThey are holy men But they have ambition And 4 solid carefully layered uietly thrilling stars We have all of Mr Robert Harris' novels and I have read none of them When I saw this in the bookstore however I just had to have it I was allowed to buy it on the condition that I start reading it within two weeks of purchase I live with a tyrant but a sweet and generous one After reading this novel I will be certain to read all his others as Mr Harris is an excellent and subtle storyteller He has done meticulous research on the traditions and laws of Roman Catholic Conclave and created an exciting and compelling story of a fictionalized account in the near future Among my agnostic friends and friends that are ex Catholics they uestioned my desire to read this novel I am not Catholic but have learned an awful lot from wise clergy compassionate nuns and monks and have been moved spiritually when attending Old Rites services I have also witnessed the great social justice work that is done by liberation theologians and practitioners in Latin America This is not to say that great evil has not been perpetuated by this huge institution including widespread childhood sexual abuse and the oppression of women sexual minorities and other faiths I digress as usual and will start with a uote from the book Bless you Sister for your generosity I believe my heart is pure But how can any one of say for sure why we act as we do In my experience the basest sins are often committed for the highest motives This book follows Lomelli a cardinal who has the task of facilitating Conclave as the Dean of Cardinals We follow his investigations into corruption secrets his spiritual struggles and the reflection of his own conscience as he navigates mystery upon mystery of this compelling novel Mr Harris has great skill in painting portraits with very little information and only a few colors to create realistic dialogue fascinating tension and the formation of alliances and the development of schisms Mr Harris does not weigh us down with too much detail but enough to get a crystal clear picture of procedure strategy and ambience He understands politics human psychology and the struggle of the spirit A wonderful and thrilling read I look forward to your Roman trilogy Mr Harris

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ConclaveThe Pope is deadBehind the locked doors of the Sistine Chapel one hundred and eighteen cardinals from all over the 45 The second book in as many days that I didn't want to put down It initially appealed to me because I spent most of my school years in Catholic schools was pretty young when Vatican two came around All I really remember is that we no longer had to go to mass every morning at 630 am before school started that mass was no longer in Latin and that the nuns started wearing shorter habit shorter veils and in different shades of pastel Pretty big though small in the scheme of things I suppose to a small childThe pope has died descriptions of a peoples pope a pope who refused to live in the grandeur of the Vatican apartments point to this representing our current Pope Francis The dean of the Cardinals is the Cardinal charged with making sure the Conclave runs smoothly that all 118 cardinals from all over the world adhere to the strict measures set within Just like our political system where each side represents different positions there are factions with varying opinions on the future of the church So the jockeying begins votes are taken and the intrigue begins Never expected to find myself completely enthralled by this inside look of what it takes to elect our next pope Didn't expect so many revelations nor what extent some cardinals would to to hide offenses that would keep them out of the running Found myself totally glued to these pages wanting to see what would happen next who would ultimately be electedA well written novel my first by this author and a wonderful portrayal of not only the differences in the many cardinals but how many differences there are in their views of the Church's future The ending could it happen Probably Would it happen Who knows but I am not sure it is realistic Still I applaud the author for this total surprise one I did not see comingARC from publisher