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Review ¶ Kostya Her Russian Protector #7 109 ↠ After a nightmare blind date hair stylist Holly Phillips swears off men The only problem with that plan Her mysterious and sinfully sexy neighbor Kostya who appeared from the shadows and saved her on that cold scary nightRussian covert operative turned infamous mob cleaner Kostya AntonovicAfter a nightmare blind date hair stylist Holly Phillips swears off men The only problem with that plan Her mysterious and sinfully sexy neighbor Kostya who appeared from the shadows and saved her on that cold scary nightRussian. I have never never used the GR star system to indicate my lack of interest in reading a future book before I have also never rated a book that is yet unreleased But I'm making an exception for Kostya because I am so utterly annoyed and offended by how Rivera has handled this releaseToday is September 6th 2015 This book is now almost a year late This is a book that was totally done guys and which was ready to pre order guys and which I pre ordered twice I have yet to get it and if I may make a confession I think now that the book was never done or ready In fact I suspect that the whole lost ALL your pre orders guys They're just gone was a big old lie This book still isn't ready is my guess and I'm done giving Rivera the benefit of the doubtYes she's had health problems Yes she's had personal problems Yes she's had professional problems If she were a responsible mature person she'd have been smart and brave enough to say that she was sorry to break yet another promise to the people who pay her bills by buying her books but she had to break another promise If she were really taking care of herself she'd have taken time off as much as she needed and been open about that I for one would have respected that honesty and I'd have waited for as long as it took I'd have had her back no uestion about thatInstead she kept setting release dates and then failing to honour them Worse every single time that she's done this she's DISAPPEARED on the day in uestion Look at Kostya it was to be released on Friday 2 days ago and in that time she's said nothing No reassurance that yes the book has been published and it's in the publishing cycle and she'll let us know when it goes live No apologies no explanations no word from her assistant no clue what the hell is happening It's worth noting though that SOMEONE is deleting posts on her FB author's page so someone with information and authority is around and simply choosing to not engageFor all these reasons Rivera has lost a fan If I could indicate my interest in reading this book it would actually be zero Sadly GR doesn't have this option so 1 star it isTake care Ms Rivera I wish you luck in regaining your damaged reputation You have a serious uphill battle I can assure you BTW my views here extend to Alexei as well Another book that I rate a one star read in terms of interest

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Covert operative turned infamous mob cleaner Kostya Antonovich lives his life by one major rule Don’t Get Involved But when the lies surrounding Holly’s birth begin to unravel Kostya’s only choice is to break that rule and. I think we have waited 2 years for this new book SO WORTH IT in this magnificent Russian Mafia series Roxy Rivera did an outstanding job of bringing us our favorite Kostya former KGB super hunky tough guy now a cleanerassassin working for Nikolai Beautiful Holly has wanted her neighbor Kostya for years We get to see her in her salon working managing and being a super friend boss and Philanthropist We see the complicated family tree issues Kostya is navigating as he seeks information Holly doesn't know who her father is and doesn't realize the danger she's in Kostya fends off the assassin but Holly wouldn't like it if she knew what he did We see old cast members Vivian Bianca Nikolai Sergei and Kostya and Holly finally get the kiss they have desired plus he tells her his job and after a night of uick sizzling sex she has a month to decide if she can live within his violent world He is busy with his staff of little spiders as they research and cleanup some gruesome scenes We have action fierce women strong men good guys and bad ones plus the big finale Her Mom is a total surprise wow These two really send off sparks and I want to see of them settled and defining their relationship Highly recommended for Russian Mafia lovers action packed thrilling plot and super sexiness ENJOY

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Kostya Her Russian Protector #7Break it hardHe’ll use every last tool in that sinister black bag of his to protect Holly from a cartel hit suad and the notorious KGB operative who has escaped a grim Russian prison to seek his revengeFor her he’ll risk it a. On Feb 2 2016 there were 58 5 reviews for a book that HAS NOT BEEN PUBLISHED These reviews were put up months ago so don't tell me they had an arc The author was obviously not in a place to publish at that time This is the PROBLEM WITH GOODREADS RATINGS I call bu%#€it on those ratings and the fangirls that posted them