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FREE DOWNLOAD Ashes of Angels 100 ´ Cassandra knows her dark destiny She is a muse who will one day be sought by a Fallen angel to be the mother of his nephilim child a fate that will destroy her Samandiriel walks alone amongst his Fallen brethren He refuses to use mortal females as vessels for his evil offspring He's determined to protect them But now he'sCassandra knows her dark destiny She is a muse who will one day be sought by a Fallen angel to be the mother of his nephilim child a fate that will destroy her Samandiriel walks alone amongst his Fallen brethren H. 35 StarsCassandra Stevens is a muse a human woman who can be impregnated by a fallen angel and give birth to a heinous creature She has been taught to defend herself against them at all costs but when her destined Fallen finds her Cassandra can't stop the desire Samandriel stirs up inside of her Sam has no intention of harming his muse Instead plans to protect her against his brethren that are being called to earth by a vampire lord who will do anything to get his hands on a nephilim offspring of the Fallen and muse If Cassandra and Sam don't stop him soon it could mean the start of the apocalypseCassandra has always known about the Fallen and what will happen if her's is called to earth That hasn't stopped her inner romantic from fantasizing what it would be like to have her angel come to her and sweep her off her feet When she finally meets Sam he is handsome than Cassandra ever imagined but she doesn't let that distract her from fleeing and arming herself against him Sam pursues her but will not force himself onto Cassandra His ultimate goal is to redeem himself and be welcomed back into Above heaven As you can guess his meeting Cassandra changes all thatThere were things I liked and didn't like about both characters and their relationship For Cassandra I liked that she defends herself against Sam the other Fallen and the vampires and doesn't just sit around and wait to be rescued What I didn't care for was how back and forth she was on her feelings for Sam One minute she wanted him and the next she didn't trust him I also found a few of her decisions uestionable For Sam I liked that he was considered an outlaw by his kind because he wanted to get to know a woman completely instead of forcing himself on her His fighting skills were also impressive but no matter how many fallen demons or vampires he defeated I couldn't help feel like he was of beta I know not all male characters can have alpha personalities but when compared to the male leads in previous books Sam left something to be desired As for their relationship it too left me wanting It was sweet in that Cassandra finally meets the man she's been dreaming about her entire life and Sam starts to think about giving up heaven for her but it didn't have much to it than thatThe Fallen are coming to earth at an alarming rate because a vampire lord is summing them He plans to force a muse and Fallen together to create a nephilim for his own purpose By doing this he is also on the verge of bring something catastrophic upon everyone Since the first book the vampire's plan has been escalating and everything comes to a head in Ashes of Angels The final confrontation with the vampires fell a little flat but I've found the vampire story line interesting since book one because they've made great villains I hope they'll be making appearances in future books The side characters of Coco Cassandra's sister and her vampire lover Zane were both great Their relationship felt solid and they were necessary to the story instead of feeling like they were placed in just to have characters involved I'm even tempted to buy their short story in order to find out about themAshes of Angels wasn't as great as the first book in this series but it was still a good read with a healthy dose of action and a variety of different paranormal creatures Cassandra and Sam were decent enough but sometimes they were out shined by Coco and Zane The climatic scene with the vampires was a little disappointing but I was glad to finally see what a nephilim looks like and people have been right to fear its birth The story and characters had their faults but what I absolutely loved and is my favorite part of this series are the descriptions of the Fallen and Sinistari demons Each Fallen is different and looks to be made out of different materials and the Sinistari appear to be hand crafted out of metals It's a very different take on angels and demons and I love how descriptive Michele Hauf is each time she introduces a new one This is the 3rd book in the Of Angels and Demons series and if it's something you're interested in reading go back and read Angel Slayer first So far it is the best book in this series and an all around amazing read Stephanie

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Ep her alive and to prevent the Fallen from achieving their sinister goals Cassandra trusts Sam but he can't trust his own compulsion to mate with her Can they stop the apocalypse before Sam's desire overtakes him. I must say even though i like the book it had me confused the ending i thought happened to uickly and could of been added to make the ending explosive Angels are not my thing but i decided to read this as i have seen them mentioned in other books so wanted to know before i make judgement on the whole Angel series i think i will read them all first I do love how the Angels are described and the feathers with the ash they leave behind is slightly enchanting as i love the fact that if you see a feather a loved one is watching over you

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Ashes of AngelsE refuses to use mortal females as vessels for his evil offspring He's determined to protect them But now he's been summoned to capture a muse Cassandra against his will Together Sam and Cassandra must fight to ke. Intriguing World But The Characters Note This book includes the novella The Ninja Vampire's Girl Book 25 of the Of Angels and Demons seriesCassandra Stevens is a muse a mortal woman who is marked from birth to be a mate for the Fallen That may sound romantic; it's anything but When lust crazed Fallen find their muse they are mindless and fierce demonic in their intent on raping and impregnating their female regardless of the muse's wishes Then when they impregnate the women what is birthed is a monster of horrific proportions a flesh and blood hungry nephilim that will consume everything in its pathHer grandmother had warned her taught her prepared her and Cassandra has spent her life training and learning to protect herself because one thing Cassandra has always known her Fallen would find her And she had no intention of being a homicidal baby's mamaFor all that preparation Cassandra wasn't ready when she felt the mark on her wrist start to tingle then glow as she was dancing in a club with a sexy stranger To her growing horror the wait was over Samandirial has been summoned from Below and has come for herHe's only been on Earth for a day and after a uick walkabout he's in Berlin with an intensity of purpose unlike any other Fallen He has no intention of raping and impregnating the delectable Cassandra not that he doesn't desire her because he does above all others but he wants one thing even than that Above When he'd been spit out of Below and called to Earth by the vampires Samandirial knew they were planning to start the sort of battle that could lead to an apocalypse If he stops them he may finally have a chance at redemption and forgiveness He may finally be able to go home It is everything that ever mattered to himAnd he needs the help of his muse the one person guaranteed to distrust him the mostIt was uite clear from the start of this book that it was a part of a previously established series That can often be a problem for me especially in shorter novels where the dearth of sufficient exposition seems common when making room for character introduction and relationship development That wasn't a large issue for me with this book I didn't feel I had any trouble catching on to the world that Hauf created In fact I enjoyed that world though I'm weary of the large upsurge of angels in fiction lately They're not my favorite paranormal creature Still in this book their history and the mythos surrounding the multiple supernatural races was intriguing Hauf did a nice job conceptualizing the rolls of the muses Fallen vampires and the rest weaving together their purposes and motivations into a cohesive whole supported by the storyMy problems lay in the execution of that storyThe characters were wildly inconsistent Cassandra's initial distrust of Sam made sense given her history but the too fast lust induced about face while necessary for the romance didn't make sense because of that same history She trained for years in preparation for Sam's arrival was supposed to be an accomplished fighter and a real hard ass but came across as a giggling blushing tittering twit far too often for my tastes as soon as she stopped fearing Sam eg A nephalim is raging around destroying Berlin and she and her sister take a time out for a slumber party complete with hand holding and lover comparison sex talk ReallyOh and speaking of SamCupcake Bunny SeriouslyHe's supposed to be an ages old Fallen who's been spending most of the past few thousand years Below Have some self respect man It's hard to get lusty and appreciative of a male romantic lead who strikes me like a nerdy puppy with a nipping habit than a warrior Fallen intent on redemption and regaining Above at all costs He also spends one day on Earth and is suddenly spouting the slang and lingo of an average twelve year old when he's not sounding all stiff and proper knows everything there is to know about the history he's missed can speak every language and is up on all the cultural referencesright up until it's convenient for the story if he isn't Sam's numerous inconsistencies boggled my mindSo did the apparent and oft mentioned glass heart of his Talk about your less than sturdy containment I was not happy with that aspect of his physiologyBesides the characters the narrative caused me a few moments of grief as well The prose was fairly pedestrian descriptive scenes and action passages lacked sophistication and variety and the dialogue had some rough spots that failed in achieving a natural organic conversational flow There were brights spots too of course and a few scenes that made me chuckle or things that made me smile It wasn't all badThere was this snippet of conversation between Sam and Cassandra in fact that made me grinYou need any help Sam Sam swung the halo across a vampire's throat reducing his opponent to ash Oh hey Cassandra Just making some new friendsI can see thatI've got everything under controlSo I should have saved the one you tossed at me for youDid I toss a vampire at you That was rudeI do wish I'd taken the advice of the author given at the beginning and read The Ninja Vampire's Girl first It was short but it offered a few nice glimpses of the world that was created for the series It also reflected some of the same problems I had with the main story The good news is that you can dive into this book even if you haven't read the preceding books in the series Less rosy is my lack of desire to go back and find out where this series all began nor do I have plans to continue with it from here It was just a bit too lacking in sophistication maturity and polish for my personal taste Disclosure An ARC of this book was provided to me by Harleuin via NetGalley This rating review and all included thoughts and comments are my ownReviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another