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Life Liberty and Pursuit Love is sudden fierce and full of choices When college bound Eliza falls into a cruise ship pool she doesn't expect to fall in love And when navy recruit David pulls her from the water he finds her surprisingly hard to resist But a whirlwind of rescues candlelit Here's what I liked about Life Liberty and Pursuit by Susan Kaye uinn The two main characters David and Eliza are extremely likable and realistic I found myself thinking about them at odd times during the day like they were real people Always a good sign meaning the characters have gotten inside one's skin David has a Polish heritage speaks with a slight accent and sometimes uses Polish words in his speech A nice touch Never having read a book set on a cruise ship that didn't involve shipwreck or disaster or even been on a cruise ship I really enjoyed the where they met setting The romance is sweet passionate and believable Romance isn't my usual genre unless it's combined with humor as in chick lit or mystery as in cozy mysteries or classic lit as in Jane Eyre Wuthering Heights or anything Jane Austen But this one was fun to read and seemed grounded in reality that many of the romance novels I've tried and set aside It's not YA since the protagonists are past high school although still young It's an example of the New Adult genre that hasn't uite taken hold but needs to Those of you in support of the New Adult genre should buy this book The first half was my favorite I didn't want to put it down David and Eliza enchanted me from the moment they first appeared Without being explicit there is passion Without being prudish there is restraint The alternate POV's work very well for this story Allowing the reader to see the anguish and attraction from both sides of the fence actually becomes a thematic element showing how confusion and mixed signals can threaten a beginning relationship The ending works very well David and Eliza resolve the distance education and career obstacles in a realistic satisfying wayOverall a fun uick read and a delightfully charming romance It brought back a lot of memories of my own first loves and the agonizing ups and downs that go along with falling uickly deeply in love Well done Susan Kaye uinn

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Book Ý Life, Liberty, and Pursuit È Liberty and Pursuit Download º Love is sudden fierce and full of choices When college bound Eliza falls into a cruise ship pool she doesn't expect to fall in love And when navy recruit David pulls her from the water he finds her surprisingly hard to resist But a whiPare for Princeton in the fall they dare to keep loving each other and struggle to imagine a future when they can be together But when miles and mistrust pull them apart they are forced to choose between keeping true to their dreams and having the courage to love The author calls this a sweet teen romance and that's exactly what it is It's about two young people falling in love at first sight I am personally a believer in true love at first sight though if you are a skeptic you might struggle with this book It starts with a whirl wind four day romance on a Caribbean cruise ship and the chapters alternate between the two main characters' point of views David and Eliza Because you get both point of views the book utterly immerses you in the feelings of falling in love twice over About 13 of the way through the vacation ends and the young lovebirds start to face the difficulties of a long distance romanceI actually loved the long distance romance part best the excruciating wait that Eliza goes through after sending her first love letter to David and waiting to hear his response David is at boot camp and the setting of this part of this book is particularly well done I almost felt as if I was at boot camp with him I liked how he is wary of his bunkmate Clayton at first and how that friendship develops over time I loved the letters that David and Eliza exchange and later on it's fun to read some of their texts back and forth tooThe long distance issues with their relationship are realistic and I liked how Eliza works through her options and finally comes up with her decision about how to handle the long distance aspect Both Eliza and David are great characters with good backstory and growth during the story I would have liked to have read about David's PolishIrish background They are realistically portrayed for their ages 18 and 20 years old Clayton and Nicolas were great characters too I really wanted to get to know Eliza's friend and sounding board better These are all characters I'd love to revisit In summary I loved this romantic escape back into innocent and formative years and the thrills of falling in love for the first time

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Nights and beachside misunderstandings pulls them into a four day love affair that threatens to break their hearts before their love has a chance to startWhen David leaves for endless drills and physical training in boot camp and Eliza returns to Albuuerue to pre this book is awesome it had me from the 1st page i could not stop reading itI loved all the people in the story and david in his navy uniform yummy 0 a YA version of Dear John but with a happy ending Defo a to read again book