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With her father away at war to fight Hitler a young girl gains strength by joining her community in battling polio in this Parents' Choice Silver Honor Book based on the 1944 epidemic and the Miracle of Hickory Hospital in Hickory North Carolina Ann Fay Honeycutt accepts the role of man of the house when her father leaves because Really liked this story based on the true story of a hospital for polio patients in Hickory NC in the 1940s The characters were realistic as were their struggles and issuesillness death friendship racial segregation responsibility rationing WWII It was refreshing to hear the tale through the eyes of a 13 year old girl who was ecstatic to be left as the man of the house where her father left to fight WWII although no child should ever have to go through what she went through Unfortunately I'm sure stories like hers are ones that could be told time and again The story flowed from one chapter to the next and it was difficult to put down I highly recommend this carefully researched book I've always said that times than not YA fiction has rings around adult fiction and this novel is another testament to that factWithout giving the story awaySomething that surprised me A public health official visited the a home where a teenager had been left to care for her much younger siblings He left orders and said he'd return the next day See if that would fly now However I guess at that time and especially given the circumstances there wasn't much else to be done

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Blue author Joyce Moyer HostettShe wants to do her part for the war She's doing well with the extra responsibilities when a frightening polio epidemic strikes crippling many local children Her town of Hickory responds by creating an emergency hospital in three days Ann Fay reads each issue of the newspaper for the latest news of the epidemic But soon she discov We read this as a reading group and it was enriching My daughter picked it up today and is already halfway through the book We had to practically pry it from her hands to get her to go to sleep I would encourage people to read this one

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Blue author Joyce Moyer Hostetter mobi ✓ Hardcover Ä With her father away at war to fight Hitler a young girl gains strength by joining her community in battling polio in this Parents' Choice Silver Honor Book based on the 1944 epidemic and the Miracle of Hickory Hospital in Hickory North Carolina Ann Fay Honeycutt accepts tErs for herself just how devastating polio can be As her challenges grow so does her resourcefulness In the face of tragedy Ann Fay discovers her ability to move forward She experiences the healing ualities of friendship and explores the depths of her own faithfulness to those she loves even to one she never expected to love at al 'If you ask folks around here what they remember about the year 1944A child might say That was the year my daddy went off to fight HitlerA mother might look off towards Bakers Mountain and whisper that polio snatched up one of her young'unsAnd the Hickory Daily Record will say that my hometown gave birth to a miracle' pg9It is January 1944 Everyone in Hickory NC is focused on the war including Ann Fay Honeycutt’s family especially now that her father is off to war to fight Hitler But even though he is the one going away 13 year old Ann Fay feels like this moment is the beginning of a journey for her too Her journey begins when her father gives Ann Fay a pair of overalls and tells her that while he is gone she needs to be the man of the house This means planting the victory garden with the help of Junior Bledsoe a neighbor’s son It also means looking after her 6 year old twin sisters Ida and Ellie and her brother Bobby 4 He tells Bobby to help out but to make sure he plays everyday Things go well until the middle of June 1944 Suddenly everybody’s focus in Hickory NC is no longer on the war but has shifted to their own small county – 12 cases of polio have been diagnosed in Catawba County and the number is steadily climbing Because Hickory was hardest hit by this polio epidemic a makeshift hospital was constructed in three days on the site of a health camp that had closed due to polio This became famously known as the Hickory Emergency Infantile Paralysis Hospital Not long after the epidemic is announced Bobby is also diagnosed with polio He is rushed to the hospital in a hearse because there were no ambulances available due to the war and the epidemic A few days later Ann Fay and the girls are visited by the public health nurse and an epidemiologist from Yale who inspect their home put them under uarantine and tell Ann Fay that she must burn all of Bobby’s belongings including his toys and drawings a task that reuires all the courage she can muster Bobby remains at the hospital breathing with the help of an iron lung His mother works in the kitchen so she can stay near him But in August 1944 Bobby succumbs to the disease He is brought home and buried on the family farm Care of the house the twins and the garden had rested on Ann Fay’s shoulders the whole time Bobby was hospitalized Now she must continue to do this and in addition take care of her mother who has slipped into a serious depression In September 1944 Ann Fay is stricken with polio too She is taken to the same hospital that her brother went to There she meets Imogene Wilfong a black girl in the bed next to her Ann Fay despite everything that has happened is shocked when Imogene tries to be friendly“I reckon she thought we was going to be friends But I hadn’t ever been that close to a colored before I sure hadn’t thought about making friends with one Instead of telling her my name I looked away” pg 122Over the course of their treatments the girls finally do become close friends The hospital has accepted polio victims regardless of race or economic circumstances and even though it was in the Jim Crow south they were not segregated But that changes when the emergency hospital closes in March 1945