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Download Ebook ã Strange and Stranger The World of Steve Ditko å 220 pages ✓ Hannahredhead Ñ Strange and Stranger The World of Steve Ditko is a coffee table art book tracing Ditko's life and career his unparalleled stylistic innovations his strict adherence to his oIsplays of obscure and popular art from the thousands of pages of comics he's drawn over the last 55 year Nicely illustrated monograph of the Spider Man co creator who I didn't initially appreciate until this book I was a John Romita acolyte when it came to Spider Man artists Ditko's story also has built in drama as he comes under the sway of Ayn Rand's Objectivism teachings that compromises his professional relationships and ultimately credit for his work I'm still not swooning over his rubber band figural renderings but I can now appreciate his impressionistic style and uniue approach to visual narrative

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Strange and Stranger The World of Steve Ditko is a coffee table art book tracing Ditko's life and career Illuminating and educating; the first half of this bio is fascinating and doesn't shy away from some of the technical details of Ditko's work The influence of objectivism on not just his narratives but also and importantly his professional approach are unflinchingly discussed later Ditko comes across as an inspired and professionally minded artist especially in his early days and a maddening but empathetic man There is some strong research and good writing here but care in re presenting old panels and spreads would have been appropriate

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Strange and Stranger The World of Steve DitkoHis unparalleled stylistic innovations his strict adherence to his own and Randian principles with lush d I just finished reading Stranger and Stranger The World of Steve Ditko 2008 by Blake Bell Strange and Stranger is a biography of one of my favorite comic book artists Steve Ditko co creator of two of my favorite comics books characters Spider Man and Dr StrangeWhile other comic book fans from the early 60s enthuse over Jack Kirby’s work I was always a Ditko fan His art is somewhat on the uirky side and wasn’t always a good fit for the stories and characters but when they fit as they did with both Spider Man and Dr Strange the effect was amazing Although it’s probably too strong to say there wouldn’t be a Spider Man without Ditko without Ditko the Spider Man we know today would not existPrior to Marvel’s superheroization in the early 60s Marvel published mostly fantasy anthology comics featuring 3 to 5 stories per issue Although this was before my time as a comic book reader the stories were occasionally reprinted in the late 60s and 70s and it was always a treat to find a Ditko story I hadn’t seen before They were always strange and the art nearly always appropriately eerieMuch of Ditko’s Spider Man is readily in print Every few years Marvel reprints it in some form or another His Dr Strange work is somewhat harder to find His pre superhero Marvel work is slowly being reprinted; as part of its Marvel Masterworks series Marvel has been publishing volumes from “The Atlas Era” Many of these volumes contain Ditko work And in 2007 it published Amazing Adult Fantasy Omnibus which has almost 50 Ditko storiesBefore during and after his time at Marvel Ditko illustrated comics for other companies mostly Charlton; there too his work encompassed superheroes strange fantasy and science fiction stories I wasn’t a Charlton reader back then I was a Marvel fan boy but a decent sampling of Ditko’s non superhero Charlton work has been recently republished and it’s pretty good as well; although the stories may be somewhat inferior to those from Marvel the art isn’t Steve Ditko Space Wars 2005 Strange Suspense The Steve Ditko Archives Vol 1 2009 The Art of Ditko 2009 and Big Book O’ Ditko 2010 all contain fine Ditko work with a bit of overlap mostly from his pre Marvel days at CharltonDitko only worked on art and plot Spider Man for a little over 3 of the character’s 48 year history; but his work defined the character as we have him today He created many of the hero’s best known and current villains including Doctor Octopus the Sandman and the Green Goblin In 1966 he stunned fandom by leaving Marvel for reasons at the time unspecified and even today somewhat shrouded in mystery I’ve heard there were artistic differences between Stan Lee and Ditko about the direction the stories would take; Bell’s book talks about the lack of written contracts and non fulfillment of verbal contracts between Ditko and publisher Martin GoodmanAfter leaving Marvel In addition to Charlton Ditko worked for Warren some 16 of his stories were published in Creepy and Eerie and DC creating several characters that still see publication including The Creeper Hawk and Dove and The uestionFor Charlton he created Captain Atom and revamped the Blue Beetle Both characters last I knew were owned by DC although according to Wikipedia DC killed off Ditko’s Blue Beatle in 2005Perhaps Ditko’s most unusual creation is Mr A The original Mr A stories were published in the fan press in the late 60s because Ditko thought it unlikely that the stories he wanted to write would get past the Comic Code Authority the comic industry’s self censoring body created in the 50s to prevent government censorship I don’t know that I’ve ever read a Mr A story but I’ve heard a lot about them In the early 60s Ditko was becoming a devotee of Ayn Rand As the years progressed he appears to have gotten deeper and deeper into the Randian philosophy Mr A was the result Although few comic creators share his philosophy many of them credit Ditko with being one of the first to actually promote or even express a philosophy in his storiesUnfortunately it seems Ditko’s obsession with Randian philosophy and his demands for strict creative control led him to become virtually unemployable from the 90s onward Stranger and Stranger is an interesting read It’s profusely illustrated with samples of Ditko’s work from through out his career I feel like I learned a lot about Ditko but I don’t feel like I got to know him Many sources describe him as intensely private and I get the feeling very few people actually know him Ultimately I was left with a feeling of sadness Both for the man and selfishly for fans like me who wish there was of his uniue body of to enjoy