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FREE EBOOK î EPUB Anthem for Jackson Dawes ã 9781599909752 ✓ CELIA BRYCE Ë Megan Bright and Jackson Dawes are two teenagers who first meet each other on the hospital ward where they are both being treated for cancer Megan is scared and worried about her illness but Jackson seems to bAbout her illness but Jackson seems to be an old hand having been on the ward for ages And everybody loves Jackson He is a whirlwind of life and energy warmth and spar This review was originally published at Fluttering ButterfliesI'm not entirely sure what to make of Anthem of Jackson Dawes by Celia Bryce I hadn't heard very much about it before I bought the book and I went into the story without any real indication of what the book would be about Anthem for Jackson Dawes was first out last year in hardback and the paperback was published this month by BloomsburyAnd I think when I finished Anthem for Jackson Dawes my overwhelming feelings were that I liked the idea of this book than I liked the actual execution of it Because this book is about a young girl who enters the cancer ward of a hospital and spends some time getting to know how things will work the other children in the ward the nurses and so on Megan is feeling pretty crappy about her situation She doesn't like how her cancer has disrupted her life and how she won't be able to continue doing the things she's used to the things she enjoys doing She's not very fond of being on the children's ward with the cartoon elephants on the walls and not much else for her to do in order to occupy her time The only person on the cancer ward the same sort of age as Megan is Jackson Dawes This really larger than life character who bubbles over with his warmth and energy and the way in which he speaks to everyone like he or she is the only other person in the world And through Megan's brief friendship with Jackson Dawes she is better able to come to terms with her illness and the way in which things have changed in her life and in her relationships with those around her I did like the story but I felt like I always wanted I wanted to see a bigger development in Megan's character from the beginning to end I wanted to see of Jackson I wanted the relationship between Megan and Jackson to be less brief and memorable While I did feel sad for Megan and Jackson and some of the other children on the ward most notably Kipper I didn't feel as though I knew any of them well enough I felt very detached from the story when a child on the ward dies midway through the book because there wasn't enough time within the pages for me to overly care about that characterAnd that is a shame I still enjoyed the story especially the parts where Jackson and Megan go exploring in the hospital I loved Jackson's determination to break the rules and to live every moment that he was able to Jackson is definitely a character that I could see myself really falling for I just think things were a bit too subtle for my liking

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Megan Bright and Jackson Dawes are two teenagers who first meet each other on the hospital ward where they are both being treated for cancer Megan is scared and worried A story like many others that can sin by lack of intensity lack of detail to help plunge us into their lives and not wanting to get out of there No leaves of course to be a story that brings us to tears especially because this story portrays to children with cancer and if we have the facility to put ourselves in the place of others easily are transported to the described hospital and that makes our heart go very little    I enjoyed reading this could have been better but it is a reading with an easy writing simple and easily reaches younger

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Anthem for Jackson DawesKle Megan will need to borrow some of Jackson's extraordinary optimism to face her and Jackson's future A moving story of first love and a remarkably powerful debut nov I won an Uncorrected Proof of this book from Hooked on Books who are part of the Bloomsbury group i believe After getting the book and reading the back cover i thought oh boy this is going to be one of those books that make me cry For this reason it was a few weeks before i decided to read itThe book starts off with Megan going into hospital for her first bout of chemo after finding out she has a brain tumour While there she meets the only other teenager in attendance in the children's wardJackson is full of jokes and seems to be happy all the time He is so charming that everyone instantly loves him Megan not so much She isn't interested in getting to know him because she has friends already and doesn't need anyone else in her life This soon changes Once she has started her treatment she soon begins to realise that she now lives in another world She is completely shut off from the outside world and only others in her situation can really understand what she is going through Her friends don't come to visit because it's hard and the things that meant so much to Megan only weeks before seem trivial now She finds that Jackson is the only one that really understands her and she comes to rely on him and shares a deep bond with him As the story goes on it is clear to the reader that Megan is falling in love with Jackson and knowing the situation these kids are in and the title of the book you know this isn't going to end in any happy ending I read this book within a couple of hours and it did keep my attention until i had finished it However the end section of the book really let it down in my opinion I knew that Jackson would probably die in the end since he had a rare form of cancer and the book title pretty much gives it away So to me when it got there the author just didn't grab that opportunity to make it It was like Jackson was a huge part of Megan's story and he was a big enough part to the story that the author used his name for the book Yet he just disappeared Megan just accepts that he went home She doesn't try to visit him outside the hospital or contact him in any way To me that isn't believable If someone you love is dying you don't accept it It isn't a part of that process I have lost many loved ones and a good few from cancer and you don't give up until they are gone Yet she waits months until she finds out via a letter that he diedThis was meant to be a life changing love for Megan So i think the author should have not removed him from the story that easily To truly feel the loss and make the reader feel it Jackson's death should have been a big part of that story I really wanted to rate this book better but given the way it ended i just couldn't It is a good book for a YA to read to gain perspective i think though It would teach them that things can change in an instant and to appreciate everything they have so yes i would recommend the book I was just disappointed in how it ended