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eBook Ç Paulina Fran é 256 pages Download ☆ A story of friendship art sex and curly hair an audaciously witty debut tracing the pas de deux of lust and love between two young uncertain conflicted art students At their New England art school Paulina and Fran both stand apart from the crowd Paulina is striking and sexually adveSexually innocent An aspiring painter whose potential outstrips her confidence she floats dreamily through criticisms and dance floors alike On a school trip to Norway the girls are drawn together each disarmed by the other’s charismaThough their bond is instant and powerful it’s also wracked by complications When Fran winds up dating one of Paulina’s ex boyfriends an incensed Paulina becomes determined to destro My interview with Rachel B Glaser is now available at For Books’ Sake I tried not to let my distaste for the book get in the way of asking her thoughtful objective uestionsFull of blunt faux profound sentences and smutty two dimensional characters Others may rave about it but this wasn’t for me I get that it is a satire on female friendship and youth entitlement But I hated how the main characters get involved in a love triangle and once they leave college any interest I had in them largely disappearedLeast favorite lines“Paulina She’s like Cleopatra but suat” “She’s like Humphrey Bogart”“She craved the zen ness of being rammed”

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A story of friendship art sex and curly hair an audaciously witty debut tracing the pas de deux of lust and love between two young uncertain conflicted art students At their New England art school Paulina and Fran both stand apart from the crowd Paulina is striking and sexually adventurous a self proclaimed ueen bee with a devastating mean girl streak With her gorgeous untamed head of curly hair Fran is uirky sweet and Many of us probably knew someone like Paulina one of the title characters in Rachel B Glaser's debut novel Paulina Fran Always larger than life always wanting to be the center of attention women and men are drawn to her and they often feel illuminated by her attention—until she tires of them and discards them leaving them resentful She seduces men and women to feel desirable and in control and doesn't handle rejection well And she isn't interested in other people's lives or problems at all despite her reassurances to the contraryAn art school student with little to no discernible artistic talent Paulina is coasting academically On a school trip to Norway abandoned by the most recent object of her infatuation she meets Fran who is eually beautiful although she lacks Paulina's confidence possesses artistic talent she can't seem to harness and is sweet and trusting The two uickly form an intense bondShe felt Gretchen was the kind of girlfriend she would be offered again and again by the adult world the real world but Paulina was someone truly original someone who existed only oncePaulina and Fran's friendship blossoms fully leaving their other friends by the wayside And then Fran decides to begin dating one of Paulina's ex boyfriends someone Paulina grew tired of and rejected But as happens so often in life once Fran finds him appealing Paulina isn't so sure she doesn't want him any However she instead decides to do everything in her power to destroy their relationship even if it means severing her friendship with Fran at the same time And in one fell swoop one action and its aftermath change everything including their paths post graduationThis book was really intriguing although both main characters aren't particularly likable In Paulina Glaser creates such an egotistical yet flawed dynamo one who always draws your attention when she's on the page yet after a while her fury and appeal peters out Luckily she regains both for a short while While people like Paulina do exist at times I just found her ability to coast from opportunity to opportunity a little unbelievable But Glaser's dialogue is funny ribald and occasionally moving and her use of language and imagery is particularly vivid She truly captures the mixture of innocence and cynicism that comes toward the end of college and the weariness of recent graduates as they try to find their wayI've seen this referred to as a woman's novel While it is about women and perhaps women are likely to have the type of intense friendships that occurred in the book Paulina Fran was definitely intriguing and entertaining for me I think we could all use a little of Paulina's energy in our lives perhaps without some of her intensitySee all of my reviews at

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Paulina FranY the couple creating a rift that will shape their lives well past the halcyon days of art school Crackling with bon mots and knowing snapshots of that moment when the carefree cocoon of adolescence opens into the permanent unknowable future Paulina Fran is both a sparkling dance party of a novel and the debut novel of a writer with rare insight into the complexities of obsession friendship and prickly ever elusive lov I had a really good time with this book Everytime I opened the pages I looked forward to spending time in the life of Paulina and Fran While I can see how this book is definitely not for everyone I really enjoyed the over exaggerated characters and their toxic damaging behavior I know some readers criticized the non existing character growthI actually liked this fact It was a really interesting take on how often humans want the whole world to change but even with best intentions fall back into old behavioral traps Definitely one of my favorites so far this year and hope to read of hers