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The Cutting Season doc ✓ Hardcover Í attica locke Í The American South in the twenty first century A plantation owned for generations by a rich family So much history And a dead bodyJust after dawn Caren walks the grounds of Belle Vie the historic plantation house in Louisiana that she has managed for four years TodTo tidy it up Not long afterwards he calls her to say it's something else Something terrible A dead body At a distance she missed her The girl the dirt and the blood Now she has police on site an investigation in progress and a member of staff no one can track down And Caren keeps uncovering things she will wish she didn't know As she's drawn into the dead girl's story she makes shattering discoveries about the future of Belle Vie the secret 35I really liked this book but it took its slow Southern time getting around to the mystery part Coverups migrant workers railroaded young men memories of a plantation’s slave days and reconciling the past and the present made for one complicated book It was a lot to unpack and the plot seemed to careen from one twist to another and then the author threw in some unfinished romantic business that uite frankly was unnecessary I think the book tried to be too many things — I would have preferred learning about the past crime and less about the mess of characters that mostly played an auxiliary roles She created a great cast of characters but then teased their stories in some cases I really liked her main character Caren but I just wish the author had focused her writing rather than overly broadened it Still I’d read another from her I loved seeing the plantation museum and small town from the perspective of her heroine

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S of its past and sees clearly than ever that Belle Vie its beauty is not to be trusted A magnificent sweeping story of the south The Cutting Season brings history face to face with modern America where Obama is president but some things will never change Attica Locke once again provides an unblinking commentary on politics race the law family and love all within a thriller every bit as gripping and tragic as her first novel Black Water Risin If you prefer prose that peppers your nose and wows you with wonder and awe then you might find yourself having a grand time while reading about the Deep South where the tea is always sweet an afternoon rain happens daily and the humidity is so thick you have to keep your head down and plow forward through the mist With the opening line I was caught in time and found myself veering ahead with what might have been excitement mixed with hope But alas she was a fairer lass than Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton who changed her mind at the drop of a dime and I found myself rather chagrined with the story I was about to begin It ended there this love affair and I slogged through the rain in my poncho and galoshes the rain splashing my face and assaulting my senses I sneezed and then sneezed againThe story could have been much and something I could adore but alas twas not meant to be and so it shall go down in history as another two star read What might have been much better in this little endeavor is if the plot and the ending matched the rest of the prose instead of just taking me on a journey with atmosphere and vocabulary What I discovered was a killer who spouted off a little too long in the mouth and beueathed our fair heroine with than a few antidotes If sugar cane and acid rain had mixed on the page and devoured this journey tearing and ripping its way toward salvation and extending the plot with than a few thoughts I might have found myself in the middle of THE CUTTING SEASON and happy to be placed out in the fields of laborInstead I feel I am the one who missed out on the fun and now I must end this little simulation with a dance imitation and shuffle and grand production where the tourists with the t shirts and flip flops and backpacks shall endeavor to visit my plantationCross posted at Robert's Reads

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The Cutting SeasonThe American South in the twenty first century A plantation owned for generations by a rich family So much history And a dead bodyJust after dawn Caren walks the grounds of Belle Vie the historic plantation house in Louisiana that she has managed for four years Today she sees nothing unusual apart from some ground that has been dug up by the fence bordering the sugar cane fields Assuming an animal has been out after dark she asks the gardener I really wanted to like this book than I did It had all the elements I love in a good mystery an interesting and well rendered setting; a varied cast of characters; the today's mystery brings a mystery from the past to light plot device that I always enjoy when it is well conceived as it is here; and a strong woman at the center of it all I like the writing and thought the book was well crafted But I still somehow never uite connected with it never fell into it or reached that delicious point of tension between wanting to savor every page and needing to read as fast as possible to find out what happens next I am not sure why but I expect it has something to do with the main character Caren Now I admired Caren Respected her rooted for her was on her side 110% and was cheering for her at the end But I never got the feeling of being her friend or that she was someone I would enjoy getting to know To me she came across as lacking joy in her life or the ability to take pleasure in the simple moments even to laugh with her daughter Anyway I will give Locke another try because she got so very much right with this book and I am still glad that I read it