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mobi ☆ Line of Fire Paperback Á The little known and intriguing WWII story of an eleven year old Australian schoolboy who was shot by the Japanese in Rabaul in 1942 as a suspected spyIt's hard to imagine this story as being part of our past but in 1942 an eleven year old Australian boy Richard Manson and his parents either side of him were shot byGuineaAcclaimed 4th Estate author and award winning science journalist Ian Townsend has uncovered a fascinating story of WWII little known to most Australians Centring on the hotspot in every sense that was Rabaul in WWII his account is an intriguing narrative which weaves together Australian history military conflict and science with volcanology being the peculiar scien Line of Fire Fourth Estate HarperCollins 2017 is an in depth account of a fascinating World War Two story by former journalist Ian Townsend Using not only his journalistic skills of research and reporting but also his novelist’s flair Ian presents a true tale of a ‘forgotten battle a lost family and an 11 year old Australian boy shot as a spy’ set in tropical Rabaul in the midst of war The author has attempted to collect the best evidence of what happened in this murky period of history through extensive interviews with survivors and meticulous research of primary and secondary sources including military accounts and media reports from the time He has filled in the gaps with what could be most probably surmised The result is a page turning compulsive read that proves the adage that truth is stranger than fiction The historical facts surrounding the circumstances of war and also – inextricably – the geology of the volcanic setting of New Guinea are carefully sourced collated and presented Anyone interested in the history of the Asia Pacific region or military history or interested in the structure stability and eruptions of volcanoes will find this book compelling But even lay people like myself with no specific knowledge or special interest in those subjects will be unable to look away from the very human element at the heart of this story Just how did one very ordinary family end up behind enemy lines in New Guinea in 1942 What led to the charge of espionage against them And to the execution of 11 year old Dickie Manson as a spy Why was their story not uncovered at the time and why did it remain forgotten for so many years afterwards How has the fates of those five people echoed through the years and what shadow do they cast on those left behindIan uncovers the details of the family and places it within the context of the larger picture of the machinations of war But he does than that He traces the history of each individual from well before they relocated to New Guinea He uncovers family secrets illegitimacy illicit affairs and bad business deals He also discovers the strength of family ties and a mother’s love the indomitable optimism and spirit of those beaten down by conflict and the Great Depression a grandmother’s grim determination and descendants of today who still find it difficult to speak about these horrific events Some of the most touching moments of the book are when Ian meets with Dickie Manson’s uncle now in his nineties as he remembers his sister Marjorie his brother Jimmy his nephew Dickie and the almost surreal chain of events that led to their deaths The inclusion of family photos adds to the book’s intimacy And the author’s understated sense of humour yields some real gems in imagined dialogue and posited motivations I so admire writers who can gather together the disparate threads of a real life story and weave them together into a narrative that is not only factually correct but also contains as much tension and suspense as a good novel Ian achieves this and – he includes the scientific aspects of the volcanology that scaffolds this entire saga All of this is made not only comprehensible but interesting The tragic tale of one lost Australian family set amidst the horrors of war and the capriciousness of mother nature makes for a powerful and intriguing story that will reverberate in your mind long after the last page This is not a genre which I read habitually and yet I couldn’t put this book down

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The little known and intriguing WWII story of an eleven year old Australian schoolboy who was shot by the Japanese in Rabaul in 1942 as a suspected spyIt's hard to imagine this story as being part of our past but in 1942 an eleven year old Australian boy Richard Manson and his parents either side of him were shot by the Japanese for suspected spying in Rabaul in Papua New This story is a fascinating account of the tragic demise of Australian citizens at the hands of the Japanese navy in World War II Townsend begins his story with the firing suad execution of eleven year old Dickie Manson his mother mother’s partner uncle and neighbour at the base of a volcano in Rabaul He then reconstructs his narrative of what could have possibly brought them to this place and time and accusations of being spies Through his narrative he weaves the life story of Dicky’s mother and family recounting the social and class limitations on women through the history of early twentieth century Australia He interviewed minor characters who lived in Papua New Guinea at the time to paint a picture of what life was like for Australian ex pats in the idyllic tropical lifestyle prior to the Japanese invasion Parallel to the family’s story is an account of the geological history of the island Interviews with remaining family members are poignant as the family for decades were unaware of what had happened to their family members Townsend truly manages to convey the hardship of the landscape of New Guinea and the horrors faced by the soldiers and citizens as they fled the invading Japanese This is a terrific read for those interested in World War II history

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Line of FireCe which drew the Americans Japanese and Australians together in conflict in the Pacific in the 1940s and the story of one ordinary but doomed Australian familyLike The Hare with Amber Eyes this is a fascinating work of narrative non fiction a story of spies volcanoes history conflict and war set against the romantic dramatic and ultimately tragic backdrop of Rabaul in WW How was an 11 year old boy executed as a spy during the Second World War This is the uestion investigative journalist Ian Townsend attempts to answer in this bookThe book is well researched Townsend reconstructed records most being destroyed and personal accounts to tell a tale of how this event could happen It is a sad story where I found myself shaking my head at the poor decisions that led to this tragedyI didn't enjoy the start of the book as much as the end I thought there was too much scene setting around the volcanos The part about the invasion and the actions that led to the executionIt is a good but sometimes shocking read