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Read & Download Superpowered Click Your Poison #3 ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB É 3 Uniue Storylines Over 50 Possible Endings Just one uestion Will YOU Be a Hero or a VillainYou know the superhero fantasy What would life be like if you had superhuman abilities But really given the choice would you save theThree you must ally with or confront the other two test subjects while the fate of Mercury City nay the world hangs in the balanceLive your own interactive comic book adventure and Get SUPERPOWERE. I won this as a giveaway and decided to review itThis was my first choose your adventure type book and I liked it It was easy to step into the shoes of the character you were portraying which was nice I do wish some of the other characters were fleshed out I felt that Catherine was a bit one dimensional and somewhat undeveloped as you encounter her later on in the storyIt would be nice to be specific about the hypertext and keeping track of titleschapters to go back Sometimes the previous chapter doesn't give you options and you need to remember the previous two chapters not just oneI found about 23 of the possible endings and so far it's been fun If you're easily frustrated this is not a book for you the fun is in finding a satisfying ending than being annoyed the dead endings don't have a lot of text or explanationsOverall it's a good escapist read

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3 Uniue Storylines Over 50 Possible Endings Just one uestion Will YOU Be a Hero or a VillainYou know the superhero fantasy What would life be like if you had superhuman abilities But really given. As the author I'm admittedly biased Of course I think my book deserves 5 stars But here's why you should too SUPERPOWERED lets YOU choose to be a hero or a villainWith three superpowers to choose from you can save the world or conuer it 3 uniue storylines 50 possible endings Finally a book with replay valueAs the author of the Click Your Poison series I hope you love reading SUPERPOWERED as much as I enjoyed writing it I spent over a year in Mercury City destroying it one day and protecting it the next Imagining grand scenarios and blending story paths in ways that often surprised me with the outcomes I'm happy to say that I've created a book that you absolutely must read multiple times Learn to fly deflect bullets or create a killer robot and savetake over the world Get SUPERPOWEREDNote This book is on sale for only 099 during pre order James Schannep

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Superpowered Click Your Poison #3The choice would you save the world or conuer it In SUPERPOWERED the choice is yoursAfter a bizarre experiment leaves you with one of three superpowers play the book multiple times to explore all. IS IT A BIRD IST A PLANE NO ITS A SUPER FANTASTIC INTERACTIVE NOVELTHIS REVIEW WILL CONTAIN NO SPOILERS SORRY FOLKSThis was a book I'd been wanting to read for some time and wow it reads like something out of the MCU Maybe there should buy the rights for phase 4 The way you get to choose how the story pans out from the choices you make isn't anything new gamebooks are amazing and have been around for ages What sets this book apart however is the humour and adult undertones he weaves throughout the book not to mention turning a lot of cliches on their head I think he says on the cover there are three different storylines with three separate endings but I think I counted four of each not to mention the 50 odd paragraphs of intriguing multi layered storytelling that can only come when a master of the craft and genre gets to strut his stuff I have definitely become a fan of this author and look forward to the rest of the seriesMy only ualm with this book was being a super hero themed book I was waiting for the elusive post credit scene but it never came lol