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Ship of RomeS Can Atticus and the fledgling Roman navy staffed with inexperienced sailors and unwilling legionaries outwit and outfight his opponentsSHIP OF ROME full of magnificent sea battles packed with strong characters torn between two powerful empires is the first book in a new series MASTERS OF THE SEA by a brilliant new authorJohn Stack was born and lives in County Cork He has always wanted to write but has done a variety of jobs ending up in IT He is married with three childre Ship of Rome was right in the middle in terms of uality Had some good things had some things it needed to work onI appreciated the time period the First Punic War is not a common place to set Roman historical fiction and so this was a nice change In the same vein focusing on naval warfare was also uniueThe action seuences were well done and Stack did a good job mixing history and narrative into a cohesive wholeThe book has a fairly small plotline and thus tends to draw out events than necessary; for example the opening scene of 1 ship escaping 3 not a full battle mind you takes like 40 pages A bit much Also Stack's characters have a tendency to constantly tell you what they're thinking leaving little room for subtly or mystery in the characterization

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Free Ship of Rome kindle ↠ eBook 9780007309986 ï hannahredhead ✓ Against a backdrop of the clash of the Roman and Carthaginian empires the battle for sovereignty takes place on the high seasAtticus captain of one of the ships of Rome's small coastal fleet is from a Greek fishing family Septimus legionarAgainst a backdrop of the clash of the Roman and Carthaginian empires the battle for sovereignty takes place on the high seasAtticus captain of one of the ships of Rome's small coastal fleet is from a Greek fishing family Septimus legionary commander reluctantly ordered aboard ship is from Rome born into a traditionally army family It could never be an easy alliance But the arrival of a hostile fleet larger far skilful and powerful than any Atticus has encountered before fo Well BT Infinity worksSo why a 2 rating when it's really only worth 15 A 1 would be a poor reflection on ME for actually finishing it so it's a two then those 15 marks would be awarded to the historical content only which to be fair Mr Stack has put some time effort into allbeit it's limited in many waysThe writing style I did not like 1 iota very little dialogue that at best is turgid with next to no emotion between the lead protagonists much of the narrative is throu the author relaying the charactors thoughts emotions which is ok from time to time but not ALL the time imo we've jus had one of the few exchanges of dialogue c'mon Mr Stack we DO get the nuiances the jib of the action reasons we CAN understand what's occuring It does become extremely annoying it's almost a case of dumbing down to the reader a poor expression I know on my part but it's the general feel throughout for me It's also a style that doesn't pull the story onwards it's a struggle a real struggle at times to not throw it across the roomWhere does it fit in to the Roman period Ok it's nautical thats refreshing it some ways but Mr Scarrow's duo of Macro cato were marines in one of the episodes he did a better job of it than this book in terms of an enjoyable bosh style of read There's exchanges in the senate which are in comparison with Mr Harris Cisero series embarassingly simplistic then of course the author pores forth in the next paragraph or three the conseuences in caseyep you got it you didnt grasp the plot There's romance well an attempt I really wanted to learn about Rome Carthage in that period i didn't It was emotional Absolutely NOT Not one shred of emotion throughout the read can't recollect a laugh a smile anger a book like a film needs to take you through a range of emotions for it to work this read for me evoked nowt that's what leaves me to not complete the series I dont normally do reviews it's a case of 4 or 5 stars with me YAHHHH really liked that made me laff weap rage empathise with the leads etc so you've been warned read at your peril He works in IT nuff said

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Rces them to act togetherSo Atticus one of Rome's few experienced sailors finds himself propelled into the middle of a political struggle that is completely foreign to him Rome need to build a navy fast but the obstacles are many; political animosities legions adamant that they will only use their traditional methods; Roman prejudice even from friends that all those not born in Rome are inferior citizensThe enemy are first class experienced and determined to control the sea A really bad rendition of the First Punic War22 June 2011 I thought that I have already analysed this book but as it turns out either I hadn't or the analysis got lost in the twittersphere somewhere However this book is the introduction to the first Punic War when Rome and Carthage began to fight over control of the Mediterranean Most of the action takes place in and around Sicily the lynch pin in the domination of the Mediterranean sea As we know from history the Romans won the war took control of Sicily and expanded their empire to control all of the Mediterranean No other empire in the history of the world has succeeded in this feat As for the book I must admit that it seriously did not do anything for me It was just not interesting At the beginning the heroes of the story are fleeing the Carthaginian navy that was invading Sicily and passed through the Straights of Messina which the writer referred to as the whirlpool and the rocks otherwise known as Scylla and Charibdis from the Odyssey and I hope to pass through those straights myself this year I'm sorry but Homer just does a much better job of that and in Homer Scylla is a nasty monster that eats his men as they pass through No rocks there I was so disappointed in this book that I immediately passed it on to another person that I knew who had studied Rome and now I repent on doing so Books like this if I am anything to go by just don't do it for people who are well versed in the classics One would be much better off reading Livy I'm sure he would be much interesting I haven't read Livy yet or Wordsworth's translation of Plutarch