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Junior year at Kennedy High School she realizes she's no longer running away Now she's running towards Towards her uiet thoughtful cross country teammate August Towards her zany enthusiastic lab partner Miles Towards friendship love indep. This was loooong overdue and in my defense um i have nothing to say to defend myself except um sopho year of uni was really hard and so was fencing i suckOk so I did part of the review on December 6th and here it isI kinda screamed when it ended More like a caw of “whaaaaat I’m done”Dang I read it on my mac started in school before the pharmacy lecture and continued all the way in the train ride home where it ended so that was a fast read But hey I miss having that funny feeling in your tummy when you read something so utterly poignantBeen reading a lot of romance novels so it was nice to feel something while reading hahHaving read the first book I was expecting some sort of secret to pop out idk why I’m saying this I don’t even remember if there was a secret in the first book I think there wasn’tBut hey I like blake I want to hear his songs Not that familiar with autistic themes but the ones brought up in the book are not really something totally new but I did learn a few new thingsThe mother is interesting and I could see how her actions would make sense And having the father to help mediate is good so was the psychiatrist And so is Emily The way that Emily belongs in this dysfunctional family is interesting; she's as much a part of it as she is apart of itTristan and Miles are likeable characters So was Sophie I appreciated the effort in trying to break down typical american high school stereotypes but why is it even needed in the first place Like I don't get the mention of the hierarchy again and again in YA booksSo my epiphany then was the whole DO goodwholesomeperfect families existI’ve been wondering about that ever since I read a book about a seemingly perfect family forgot the title and the conversations I’ve had about this goes almost as circular as the ones I’ve had on true knowledge is what we know even concrete which is beside the point Basically I really really really enjoyed reading the bookMaybe that's why it felt like it ended too fast or maybe it was the ending I REALLY WANTED TO SEE WHAT HAPPENED WHEN OLIVIA CAME IN I WAS SO ANGRY WHEN IT JUST ENDEDBroke my heart it didEven her first day would have been a sweet treatSigh

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The Evolution of EmilyEndence and lifeThanks to her sister's special interest in biology Emily knows all about the birds and the bees Boys are a lot confusingReaders who enjoyed Counting to D won't want to miss Scott's second novel also set at Kennedy High Scho. The Evolution of Emily has a protagonist who has a lot on her plate—an overprotective mother who believes in homeschooling an autistic sister and a world of friends and cute boys at her new school I liked the metaphor of her as a runner not just in exercising but as a person running towards independence and a new life This is the type of writing that feels light but has deep issues Emily is a character to root for and I enjoyed being in her world for a few hours

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The Evolution of Emily Characters Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Emily Charles knows how to run away Away from her overprotective agoraphobic mother Away from her biology obsessed autistic sister Away from her uiet sheltered claustrophobic homeschooled life When Emily's escape plan involves Emily Charles knows how to run away Away from her overprotective agoraphobic mother Away from her biology obsessed autistic sister Away from her uiet sheltered claustrophobic homeschooled life When Emily's escape plan involves starting her. I shouldn't look at other reviews on a book before writing my own because they make me doubt myself For me this is a 5 star book a book that I was engaged in kept reading past my allotted reading time thought about between reading sessions thought about after I'd finished the book and will happily recommend to others My only regret that gave me any pause at all was my feeling that the ending was a bit rushed But all the right stuff was there so I'm willing to forgive itOkay so on to what I thought I knew very little about the book when I first started reading so it was a pleasant surprise to discover that Sam the main character in Scott's first book Counting to D played a part I loved getting just a bit of an update on Sam's life and how she was doing beyond the ending of her story So that was a really nice treatI enjoyed Emily's journey and how running was a theme used to show Emily's growthAs in her first book I loved Scott's easy use of smart stuff which is so often absent from YA books In this story Emily isn't the smartest one though she's no slouch but biology and chemistry are used to connect with her autistic sister a way to bridge the gap between this socially awkward girl and the world around her This story deals with mental health lifestyle choices homosexuality stereotyping You'd think a book with all of that in it would be heavy handed but it totally isn't It was light and easy and yet managed to touch on these issues and with a kind of depth that seems improbable Kate Scott has a deft hand at addressing many of the issues facing teens today doing it in such a way that feels easy and real She writes like a friend someone you could trust your secrets with someone you could trust your heart with Yep I don't regret my 5 stars The Evolution of Emily is excellent If you're a human and like contemporary YA fiction you should read it