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Washoku Recipes From The Japanese Home Kitchen Epub Ì 328 pages Download á Elizabeth andoh Û In 1975Gourmet magazine published a series on traditional Japanese food —the first of its kind in a major American food magazine — written by a graduate of the prestigious YanagiharIn 1975Gourmet magazine published a series on traditional Japanese food the first of its kind in a major American food magazine written by a graduate of the prestigious Yanagihara School of classical cuisine in Tokyo Today the author of that groundbreaking series Elizabeth Andoh is recognized as the leading English language authority on the subject She shares her knowledge and passion for the food culture of Japan in WASHOKU an authoritative deeply personal tribute to one of the world's most distinctive culinary traditio This cookbook is practical than it first appears I was afraid it would be of a coffee table book than something I could actually use but it has useful guides to Japanese ingredients cooking euipment and techniues The recipes sounded a bit exotic but once I started reading my way through them I saw that Andoh's guides gave all the information necessary and that the recipes weren't all that arcane after all The major drawback I see however is that Andoh assumes that you can get your hands on authentic Japanese ingredients and doesn't offer many tips on substituting if you can't This is good if you want to create authentic Japanese dishes but if you just don't have easy access to iriko or Japanese mountain yams the recipes may seem forbidding

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Text and practical notes that Andoh provides help readers master the rhythm and flow of the washoku kitchen Much than just a collection of recipes WASHOKU is a journey through a cuisine that is rich in history and as handsome as it is healthful Awards2006 IACP Award WinnerReviews“This extensive volume is clearly intended for the cook serious about Japanese food” Minneapolis Star Tribune“ scholarly yet inspirational a foodie might just sit back and read for sheer enjoyment and edification” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Washoku is not the end all perfect beginners guide to Japanese cooking that I was promised Looks pointedly at all the glowing 5 star reviews There are admittedly some great features but Japanese cooking is new to me and I'm finding it to be far from intuitive I blame my own lack of familiarity – but I did have high hopes that this cookbook would be my guide Unlike the author I don’t have an awesome Japanese mother in law to show me what to do each step of the way I just have this book and it isn’t as expansive as I’d hoped I would give this cookbook a much better rating if I could see and understand what I am trying to make in advance Specifically I need detailed instructions regarding critical preparation steps within each recipe And there are simply not enough photographs Cooking is a multi sense experience and visuals of completed recipes cannot be underestimated Without photographs I cannot know if what I am making is something close to the written description I won’t even know if the dish is going to be served cold roasted fried or sautéed until I read through the entire recipe and even then it’s not always clear Beyond that I felt that a lot of the dishes seemed repetitive and there was no mention of small dish meals I imagine there must be a diverse collection of Japanese recipes out there in the world of cookbooks and maybe even one with instruction I'll just have to keep lookingA few notes on the positive Washoku is a beautiful book it is a hearty hardcover that would last many years of regular use The pages are clear and crisp and what images are included are indeed gorgeous I enjoyed the backstory about the author's observations and learning process in the kitchen with her Japanese mother in law Very sweet and personal The first third or so of this book is what I loved most and find worth praising It is a very informative and detailed guide to individual ingredients broken into sections by product type This guide alone is incredibly helpful and I would love to see an expanded version with images for reference

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Washoku Recipes From The Japanese Home KitchenNs Andoh begins by setting forth the ethos of washoku traditional Japanese food exploring its nuanced approach to balancing flavor applying techniue and considering aesthetics hand in hand with nutrition With detailed descriptions of ingredients complemented by stunning full color photography the book's comprehensive chapter on the Japanese pantry is practically a book unto itself The recipes for soups rice dishes and noodles meat and poultry seafood and desserts are models of clarity and precision and the rich cultural con A beautiful book made with careful thought and testing Every ingredient is described in depth and the pictures are inspiring Much description is given to techniue with ideas for improving even your current American style recipes It would help to have an Asian market nearby to be able to use the best ingredients various dried seaweed miso and mushroom types Recipe chapters cover soups rice noodles vegetables fish meat tofu and eggs A highly recommended cookbook for a type of cooking that has relatively few cookbooks although growing