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The Fourth Pan Book of Horror Stories kindle ✓ Paperback Ç herbert van thal Ç Contents William Sansom ‘Various Temptations’ MS Waddell ‘The Pale Boy’ Ray Bradbury ‘The Emissary’ Robert Bloch ‘Lucy Comes To Stay’ Richard Davis ‘Guy Fawkes Night’ Vivian Meik ‘The Two Old‘Moonlight Sonata’ Septimus Dale ‘The Little Girl Eater’ Rosemary Timperley ‘Harry’ Ray Russell ‘Sardonicus’ Robert Aickman ‘Ringing the Changes’ Hugh Reid ‘Dulcie’ MS Waddell ‘The Importance of Remaining Ernest’ I read this when I was two Yes two years old My mother left it lying around and I still remember The Pale Boy although not any details just that he scared me a LOT and put me off getting friendly with new children until I'd got to know them after a while

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Joseph Payne Brennan ‘Slime’ Adobe James ‘The Ohio Love Sculpture’ Davis Grubb ‘The Horsehair Trunk’ Alex Hamilton ‘The Attic Express’ Elliott O’Donnell ‘The Haunted Telephone’ Sir Frederick Treves ‘The Elephant Man’ I read this many years ago The Little Girl Eater is one of the best horror stories I've ever read and there are other highlights

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The Fourth Pan Book of Horror StoriesContents William Sansom ‘Various Temptations’ MS Waddell ‘The Pale Boy’ Ray Bradbury ‘The Emissary’ Robert Bloch ‘Lucy Comes To Stay’ Richard Davis ‘Guy Fawkes Night’ Vivian Meik ‘The Two Old Women’ Alexander Woollcott I think this was the first of these books which I ever read back when I was about twelve If I really loved a book back then I would want to share it with my parents by reading it to them while they washed the dishes each evening I'm not sure what they thought about their twelve year old son reading them this collection which contains some uite depraved tales But they were pretty open minded A horror story with a twist in its tail is rather like a good joke You can't wait to try it out on someone else I think the prospect of grossing out my parents uite appealed to me though they were not so easily shockedHere are my thoughts on re reading these gruesome morsels so many years on William Sansom Various TemptationsWilliam Sansom 1912 1976 was a prolific British author of novels short stories and non fiction This story of the relationship between a serial killer and a lonely woman really takes us into the psychology of both characters A rich tale of melancholy and menaceM S Waddell The Pale BoyThis is a haunting little creepy kid storyRay Bradbury The EmissaryIf anyone but Ray Bradbury had written this story it probably would have been laughable It is the essence of Bradbury's magic that with his special kind of poetry and sensitivity he makes us believe the fantastic without making any attempt to rationally explain how it might be possible Here he takes us so deeply into the experience of a sick boy whose only connection to the wider world is his dog and the smells he brings home in his shaggy coat that there is no need to convince us that it could lead to something that defies natural laws in an unspeakable way We accept and are chilled by where he leaves usRobert Bloch Lucy Comes to StayOf course Robert Bloch is best remembered as the author of the novel which inspired Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho In this economical short story he plays with the same kind of subject matterRichard Davis Guy Fawkes NightRichard Davis who died in 2005 was an editor of short story compilations such as The Year's Best Horror Stories I His own stories were finally collected in 2012 as The Female of the Species Other Terror Tales This story is a memory based mystery story A man goes back over his memories of an event from his youth to make sense of something that didn't seem right In the process he realises that he was unwittingly involved in something horrificVivian Meik The Two Old WomenI can't find out much about Vivian Meik except that he or she wrote a few novels as well as a short story called The Doll of Death which was adapted for Rod Serling's Night Gallery television series This is a creepy tale of African black magic taking place in the cellar of a British boarding houseAlexander Woolcott Moonlight SonataAlexander Woollcott was an American critic and commentator known for his acid wit He was the inspiration for the character Sheridan Whiteside in the play The Man Who Came to Dinner and for Waldo Lydecker in the film Laura 1944 This gruesome anecdote is presented as a true story and it may well be He wasn't known as a writer of fiction But he does get the most out of this creepy yarnSeptimus Dale The Little Girl EaterThis story often appears on lists of favourite stories from this series of books and not surprisingly This is a very clever tale of terrible irony The gulf in communication between the world of the adult and that of the child which is such a common reality has a very gruesome outcome hereRosemary Timperl