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Make it Right Bowler University #2 kindle ó ebook à Max Payton lives by two rulesSize and strength win any fight and never show weaknessWhen a rash of assaults sends Bowler University for a tail spin Max volunteers to help teach a self defense class One of the other instructors is the beautiful pixie faced girl he keeps butting hAllenges everything he thought he knew Lea Travers avoids guys like Max cocky jocks who assume she's fragile because of a disability caused by a childhood accident She likes to be in control and something about being with Max makes her feel anything but But during the moments he lets his guard dow I read this series out of order I read and LOVED book one Make It Count Then somehow I missed reading this one but then I was part of the book tour for Make it Last It was time to fix thatI adore this author She does a great job of creating characters that feel real and have real issues No perfect people here it mirrors real life very well I like thatLea has a limp An accident when she was thirteen haunts her still but it doesn't defeat her She's determined to do everything she can and pay the piper for things she shouldn't And that piper is always pain But some things are worth the painlike time with MaxShe's attracted to Max and him to her but they aren't right for each other or so they think Max has made some mistakes Been a guy he doesn't like And his family has him being another guy that he doesn't much like either But he shows Lea the real him And I so love the real him He's kind to stray cats and helps girls when their life falls apart He plans perfect dates And he volunteers to be the attacker a certain black belt gets to demonstrate on Yeah there were bruises Trust is a big theme in this one Everyone who has been hurt gets the idea that trusting can be dangerous Lea's bad at trust Max is bad at being who he is and and wants to be It's an opportunity for them be vulnerable with each other and hope I was reading and suddenly realized where the train wreck would happen It made me sad to see it coming and I wanted to read faster to get to the make up But while I was sure I saw where it was going it wasn't exactly what I thought And there was some pain in there that I just was teary about But I loved the shirtyeah you have to read it to know I loved the adviser appointment I loved the pulling to the side of road moment There will be rose petalsAnother great New Adult read from this author If you've missed this series fix that

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Max Payton lives by two rulesSize and strength win any fight and never show weaknessWhen a rash of assaults sends Bowler University for a tail spin Max volunteers to help teach a self defense class One of the other instructors is the beautiful pixie faced girl he keeps butting heads withand who ch Make it Right was such a lovely NA read that was able to give me the warm and fuzzies After I finished the book I literally hugged my e reader because Make it Right managed to put a goofy smile on my face It was a sweet and romantic story about two people who grew and matured together as a coupleMake it Right tells the story of Max and Lea Both these characters were beautifully fleshed out Lea especially was a breath of fresh air and a character who was easy to look up to I'm always on the look out for books with characters with disabilities because we obviously need diversity in books so I was pleased to find out that Lea had a mild disability in the form of a limp What's great about this was how deftly Megan Erickson handled Leah's disability She didn't make Lea's disability the focus of the story and the heart around which her personality fleshed out Basically what I'm trying to say is that the author made sure that her disability didn't define who Lea was Undoubtedly it had helped her grow into a strong young woman who was independent feisty and complex Lea did what she wanted and never once did she mope and whine about her condition She had grown to accept it as a part of her and she did not consider herself damaged which I thought was such a great message to spread to readers Max was also up to par with Lea I'm not going to lie after what he did to Kat and Alec in the previous book I was a bit wary of how I would feel for him but he completely redeemed himself in my eyes and I fell very much in love with him He gave off vibes of being a complete jerk with his cocky and douchey attitude but he was in fact a sweetheart I think the moment I fell in love with him was when he adopted a stray cat he found around his house and started making gourmet cat snacks for it Tell me how could I not fall in love with thatThe romance in Make it Right was beautifully done growing slowly from a friendship The banter between Max and Lea was great Those two were definitely a complementary couple Most of the time the romances in NA tend to focus on the sexual tension between the characters Here Megan Erickson strove to seek a balance between the sexual tension and the adorable factor I loved that there were some pretty steamy moments in the book but it also was balanced out by the super cute moments that had me gushing and swooning and wanting to hug everyone around me It was entirely too adorable for words and left me in such a pleasant mood Additionally this was a couple that learned from each other most importantly they learned about forgiveness and following ones dreams There was obviously that one big misunderstanding that usually impedes a couple before the HEA that is commonly found in most contemporary novels but the one in Make it Right wasn't the kind that made me want to pull my own hair I think the only other thing that could have made me love this book would have been the first person POV I tend to prefer the first person writing over third person writing when it comes to contemporaries but I did think the latter was done well with Make it RightAll in all I loved Make it Right and thought it was a wonderful and an endearing New Adult read that should be read by everyone who wants to smile swoon and fall in love while reading

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Make it Right Bowler University #2N Lea sees a soul as broken inside as she is outside Trusting him is a whole other problemWhen the assaults ramp up and hit close to home Lea and Max must learn before it’s too late that true strength can come from vulnerabilityand giving in to trust is sometimes the only way to make things righ Once again Megan brings us a book filled with characters to fall in love with and a story that feels fresh After falling for Alec and Kat's story in Make it Count I was so very anxious to get my hands on Max's goodiesI mean story He got sort of a bad wrap in the first book The womanizing jerk who sleeps with his best friend's girl I knew there had to be to himAnd he didn't disappoint I mean a guy who nurtures an injured street cat Give me one secondAnd when you add Lea into the mix a girl who's been through it and can still kick your ass My favorite kind of heroineWhen these two got together it was magic and when things blew up a little well I was pulling for them because they so clearly made each other very very happy I have to say though that my favorite relationship mending of all wasn't necessarily between our two MC's here I'll keep my mouth shut on the details but I think you'll enjoy it just as much as I did