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Fear of Flying Free read Û 9 ð Angst vorm FliegenIsadora Wing die selbstkritische junge Amerikanerin ist eine der vergnügtesten und rührendsten Heldinnen der Gegenwartsliteratur eine entwaffnende und hinreißende Anti Heldin Immer auf der Suche nach Erlösern Sinneslust und Sicherheit ständig auf Trab und von einer Angst in die andere fallend versucZu erkennen daß auch das totale Ausleben aller sexuellen Tag und Nachtträume noch niemanden zu einem freien Menschen macht Über Isadoras sexuelle Abenteuer und Mißgeschicke berichtet Erica Jong mit Witz furiosem Temperament und einer Freimütigkeit wie sie bisher männlichen Autoren vorbehalten schien Von Henry Miller John Updike und der internationalen Kritik als literarisches Ereignis gefeiert hat der Roman in den USA Auflagen in Millionenhöhe erreicht und eroberte auch in Europa die Spitzenplätze der Bestsellerlisten. 20 million copies sold A seminal feminist classic I am nothing short of incredulous I'd say it was the pseudo intellectual self absorbed ramblings of a spoilt 29 year old 'poet' that does not stand the test of timeBut let me first say I'm not one to dole out 1 reviews This is my first and as an author myself I've wondered what can motivate a reader to such an action But now thank you Erica I have seen the light It's when the distance between the reader's expectations and what is delivered are such poles apart as to provoke a huge desire to redress the balance for the sake of anyone stumbling upon these reader reviews Or that's my motivation anyway In summary this is a racist not racy self absorbed not self enlightened memoir thinly masuerading as fiction If I hadn't been reading it for my book group there is NO WAY I'd have got through it as I haven't met such an insufferable protagonist in as long as I can remember if ever Isadora Wing aka Erica Jong is spoilt beyond belief has access to education money and family support name drops like a teenager desperate to impress with her literary knowledge but despite her own ego is a really rather rubbish writer Her style is repetitive and rambling full or irritating asides and diversions but what really irks is she has not a good word to say about anybody not her long suffering family her countless shrinks they had their work cut out there her two ex husbands no one Everyone is dug at put down moaned about even the poor folk sitting in the same carriage as her on a train are described as `a stuffy American professor his dowdy wife and their drooly baby' Even if we aren't supposed to like her to read several hundred pages in such negative whiny tone of voice gets tiresome without anything positive to act as a contrast She may write refreshingly honestly about sex but most of her encounters seem to be with impotent men and seemed tame indeed to my 21st century sensibilities but THAT IS ALL And given the book's reputation I expected emphasis on sexuality and fantasy and less on pseudo intellectualism and psychoanalysis If FoF was a classic at the time it has not stood up to the forty odd years that have passed since I consider myself a feminist but even from that historical perspective there are surely other books that are a lot informative and interesting The Second Sex for example which predates Jong by two decades still resonates today and fiction wise Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber was published only six years later but is far erotic and subtle when it comes to exploring female sexuality and fantasies Finally an aside my parents were at the Viennese congress she writes of and I gather this `novel' upset a fair few folk upon its publication after the event I presume it's only because she didn't put her own name to the heroine that shrinks such as `Adrian' and `Bennett' or a member of her family her poor sister `Randy' for instance didn't sue her for defamation Shame I'd have loved to have seen it

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Angst vorm FliegenIsadora Wing die selbstkritische junge Amerikanerin ist eine der vergnügtesten und rührendsten Heldinnen der Gegenwartsliteratur eine entwaffnende und hinreißende Anti Heldin Immer auf der Suche nach Erlösern Sinneslust und Sicherheit ständig auf Trab und von einer Angst in die andere fallend versucht sie sich Klarheit zu verschaffen wer sie ist was sie will was sie noch lieber will und woran es liegt daß selten geht was sie am liebsten will Die Geschichte beginnt mit Isadoras Angst im Flugzeug auf dem. iw69 hello i want you nowmannyrayner do we know each otheriw69 not at all that's the point i thought we could just have a completely no strings attached sexual encounter for its own sake and then say goodbye wouldn't that be poetic and beautifulmannyrayner um well maybe i'm sorry i guess i should just be doing this and not analyzing it can i at least have a name or will that ruin everythingiw69 i'm isadoramannyrayner that's a pretty name pardon me for being so old fashionediw69 it's ok so now can we fuckmannyrayner i'm not uite sure how that would work butiw69 i want you to put your hard cock in my cunt and make me come i hope you aren't threatened by the way i frankly express my female desires or by my use of the word cuntmannyrayner ah no not really in fact iiw69 it didn't used to be regarded as obscene in the miller's tale chaucer writes pryvely he caught hir by the ueynte In 1380 ueynte was pronounced cuntmannyrayner how interesting i knew the line but wasn't aware of the pronunciationiw69 and in swedish the root has mutated into the word vinna which is the normal word for woman so swedish women are all unashamedly cuntsmannyrayner actually the word is normally spelled with a k in modern swedish and the polite word for cunt is sköte you are not advised to use the vulgar fittaiw69 you are remarkably knowledgeable i already feel i understand you you remind me of my first husband i guess you're some kind of erratic genius type who's insecure about his sexuality and his ability to satisfy a woman which is eventually going to destroy youmannyrayner well thanks for the first bit but i hope you're not entirelyiw69 no wait i think you're really like my second husband you're powerful and oversexed but simultaneously cold and distant so that while you satisfy my body you're unable to reach me emotionallymannyrayner actually i'm not sure i uiteiw69 you said actually again you must be english right in fact i see you're most like my lover adrian you pretend to live in the moment but all the time you have a plan you're hiding from me which i'll be bitterly disappointed to discover in due coursemannyrayner i suppose i can't completely iw69 hey now i get it you're like all of them at the same time god you turn me on i'm so wet from talking to you that i've had to change my panties twice already since the start of our conversationmannyrayner isadora i admit i'm flattered but iw69 stay right where you are i'll be with you faster than you would believe possible and then we're going to fuck like you've never fucked before in your whole life you'll break my heart but after i've dried my tears i'll put you and your cock in my next best selling novel and you'll be immortalmannyrayner i guess i like some parts of the plan but we'll have to change a few detailsiw69 whymannyrayner to start with i'm sitting in an airport lobby i need to be at my gate within the next twenty minutesmannyrayner isadoramannyrayner hello are you still theremannyrayner did i say something wrongmannyrayner well if it was zipless enough for you then it was zipless enough for memannyrayner bye

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Fear of FlyingWeg von New York zu einem Psychoanalytikerkongreß nach Wien an dem ihr Mann teilnehmen und über den sie einen Artikel schreiben wird Die Maschine ist vollbesetzt mit Psychoanalytikern Bei sechs von ihnen war Isadora schon in Behandlung mit dem siebten ist sie verheiratet und mit einem achten wird sie in Wien eine heftige Affäre haben Hin und her gerissen zwischen dem achten Adrian und dem siebten Ehemann Bennett erlebt Isadora bei ihrer O dyssee kreuz und uer durch Europa alle Wonnen und ualen der Leidenschaft um am Ende. Rather neglectful of reading duties I shall admit to this very vulgar crime for the lethargic days of summer it was truly a rare treat to sporadically go back to this a sly and sinful read Yeah it is DATED but even in the late 90s weren't the Sex and the City gals too That 50 Shades is such a success should not be surprising it's just that the reminder that other people are having sex while you are or are not isI've been uoted before as saying that sexual non adventure is a sin in that same spirit Erica Jong has given a frank incredibly enjoyable read Her main character is not prone to saying no to the act she rather bathes in the light of casual encounters but she has intelligence and heart She is aware of the zipless fk as much as she traces her sexual history weighing out past experiences with expectation filled nows This is rightfully in the 1001 or 1306 List of Books to Read Before Expiring in good company with Sade's 120 Days and Justine as well as perhaps the male counterpart to Fear of Flying the less thrilling but pretentious Rabbit Run by Updike