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Book ì Foxheart Î Download Ü Claire legrand  Orphan Thief WitchTwelve year old uicksilver dreams of becoming the greatest thief in the Star Lands With her faithful dog and partner in crime Fox she’s well on her way—even if that constantly lands them both in trouble It’s a lonesome life sleeping on rooftops YouBut the seemingly peaceful Star Lands are full of danger Witches still exist although the powerful Wolf King and his seven wolves have been hunting them for years Thankfully his bloody work is almost complete Soon the Star Lands will be safe free of the witches and their dark magicThen one day a strange old woman and her scruffy dog arrive in uicksilver’s town and perfo The characters are all kind of horrible including the dog

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Orphan Thief WitchTwelve year old uicksilver dreams of becoming the greatest thief in the Star Lands With her faithful dog and partner in crime Fox she’s well on her way even if that constantly lands them both in trouble It’s a lonesome life sleeping on rooftops and stealing food for dinner but uicksilver doesn’t mind When you’re alone no one can hurt you Or abandon It has been four years since I first read this book Now finally I have gotten to read this again To get ready for my eARC of the companion book Thornlight Eee Very excited Re reading this book was the very best I loved it so much back then And I loved it even now It was such a beautiful and perfect story SighAs always the writing by Claire is perfection I have loved all of her books always And I cannot wait to read even by her Reading this book again was so very good I had forgotten much of it But not how badly I loved it So happy that I still very much loved this book So heartbreaking But so stunning and excitingThere is so much I wish to share about this book I shall try to contain myself Ha Which will be hard As I loved this one so very much Sigh This book tells the story of twelve year old uicksilver At age three her parents left her at a convent She never knew why or what happened to them She grew up at this place with a lot of other girls She never told the nuns her real name Even with how often they tried making her tell them And so they started calling her Girl Which was so rude and heartbreaking to read about But even worse was when she got a little older And another girl started calling her Pig And Witch And then Pigwitchgirl She was so cruel It broke my heart Rude But uicksilver was so strong She got revenge a bunch of timesuicksilver ends up having to escape the convent As she witnesses someone hurting one of the nuns She runs away while hearing the rest of the girls screaming She arrives in a nearby town Where she meets a boy named Sly Boots This is where she names herself She tells him her name is uicksilver And so that is her name And I loved that I loved how she named herself and how awesome that name was She has not been all alone though She had a dog Whom she named Fox He was the cutest thingThe day after she meets Sly Boots they are watching the market waiting to steal things to help his poor parents whom are ill A stranger arrives Whom turns out to be an older uicksilver With an older Fox by her side This old woman time travels them all away several hundred years into the past Which is where this story truly begins This is a story of witches Of a Wolf King hunting them all down Of seven old ones controlling him trying to find the missing bones of their monsters And oh it was all so very exciting EeeThere is so much to say about this book I shall not say too much Just that the plot was fully amazing I loved the witches and all the spells I loved how Fox changed when they arrived in the past I loved how alone and broken uicksilver was at times How she slowly let the old woman and Sly Boots get closer to her I loved how heartbreaking this book was too So many bad things happen It broke my heart I loved every moment of it I simply can't mention all the things about this book that I loved There was too muchI had forgotten much about Sly Boots and uicksilver How they argued so much How he betrayed them at one point It was fully heartbreaking to read about I was so angry with him Yet did not want to be as I loved their friendship the very most And of course wanted them to be than friends Ha They were just too cute together But yeah There were fighting And bad things spoken between them And it was all so very real and so very well written I loved how they got through it too They both grew a lot as peopleI am also a little angry at the moment I saw that this book has few reviews on Goodreads And that is simply not okay Why haven't people read this book I hope this means that a lot of kids have read it Because they very much should Everyone else must too Claire writes the most perfect heartbreaking books And they are all a must read All of her books are precious And I need this one to get read Especially now that Thornlight is coming out too They are stand alones but should still be read togetherFoxheart was still everything I wanted it to be and so much It was perfect to me four years ago and it is still so today I have been a fan of Claire since her first book And that will never change Claire writes the most perfect books Full of adventure and action Heartbreak and friendships and love She writes the best girls Broken and strong Re reading Foxheart was a must for me And I am so glad that I did so As this book only got better for me I can't wait to read Thornlight next You all really need to read Foxheart I first read this book on May 5th 2016 See my review here read this book for the second time from September 20th to 21st 2020 See my review here

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FoxheartRm extraordinary magic Real magic forbidden and dangerous Magic uicksilver is desperate to learn With magic like that she could steal anything her heart desires She could even find her parentsBut the old woman is not what she seems and soon uicksilver has to decide will she stay at home and remain a thief Or will she embark upon the adventure of a lifetime and become a legen Witchy magical strange Beautiful book Claire’s prose throughout this book is as it is in every book she writes gorgeous The concept and world building is fantastically done and I absolutely loved the time travelling aspect uicksilver was such a great heroine–spikey and courageous and sassy This is a great MG fantasy read–I thoroughly recommend it