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A beautifully written s Thoroughly enjoyed this oneIn the near future the vaccination for a type of bird flu has gone wrong and most people are now infertile The Government is now lead by an ultra right wing religious party which has banned any type of fertility drugs for being unnatural They have also implemented many other draconian laws This has lead to an underground world of chemists and gangs dealing with all things now illegalSet in inner Melbourne the centre of the city has become an underground slum of bordellos illegal bars and drug sellersNarrated by Salisbury who is a late 20s transgender bike courier working for one of the main fertility drug sellers Salisbury has a small group of liberally thinking friends who have to be careful to protect their activities from the roving patrols of vigilantes and religious prayer groupsThere's a lot of subtle digs at political parties and religious groups It highlights the cruelty to animals for drugs testing or production of drugs the power of women and the strength of transgender people

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The Courier's New BicycleTory of the near future I got a copy of this science fiction novel set in Melbourne after hearing about it on Galactic Suburbia I now have a Galactic Suburbia tag for books that fit into this category and enjoyed it very much Westwood envisions a dark oppressive future where a virus has drastically reduced fertility rates and created a thriving black market in hormones Salisbury Forth is a bicycle courier for one of the ethical hormone companies and when dodgy hormones start turning up on the street purporting to be from her employer she goes into detective mode It wasn't so much the mystery element of this story I enjoyed as the entire world Westwood has created the character of Salisbury and her family she has created of those mostly on the outskirts of the narrow limits society now deems to be acceptable A wonderfully enjoyable book

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READER ☆ DOC The Courier's New Bicycle 9780730497714 ´ HANNAHREDHEAD Ï A beautifully written story of the near future and its murky underworldAnd its murky underwor THREE AND A HALF STARSTRIGGER WARNINGS substance use violence ableism religious political oppression kidnappingWhat the hell is the nonsense of positivity towards the Salvation Army They don't care about ueer people No turn of events in some future setting will ever change that They demanded and received a federal exception in Australia so they could discriminate against gay people when hiring staff They've said ueer people will burn in hell I've even heard stories of them discriminating against ueer people in the provision of their so called charity So they wouldn't be helping out or sympathetic if the government turned ultra conservative and even religious That could be a description of the Salvation Army themselves I don't know if the author isn't ueer and is switched off to ueer issues or if she's particularly naive and ignorant